Posted by: tsubaki | July 6, 2012

We have moved!


We have now moved to our new guild blog at

Bookmark us there!

Posted by: tsubaki | July 3, 2012

Quick updates!

Attention all members, the guild survey results are now out on our facebook page. Have a look at it!

Also, I will be posting our guild White Paper soon, and you can all have a read at it.

Lastly, yes we will be part of Titan Alliance. I’ve been speaking to Ritsuko from Synapse for a while, and we should be firming up our commitment to the alliance anytime soon.

Posted by: tsubaki | June 28, 2012

The End of the Real World is near: 28th Aug 2012

Anet has dropped the bomb and announced the long wait news: The launch date of Guild Wars 2.

Check out their official blog post announcing this omgomgomgomg news.

Also all members, please fill up the survey I’ve posted in our facebook group. We’ve got some serious planning to do. Time to scheme to take over the world. /evillaughter

Posted by: tsubaki | June 11, 2012

Guild Wars 2 BWE2 is over!

And with a resounding server disconnected… the beta weekend is over.

We had a massive great time this time round. Lot’s of higher level PVE content we tackled. We conquered Ascalonian Catacombs: Explorable mode after 7 hours, many long hours in WvW (though our server turnout for WvW was poor this time round) and tried a lot of high level crafting. Here’s a quick show of our top levels in BWE2:


Posted by: tsubaki | June 7, 2012

Guild Wars 2 BWE 2

Ready, set, GO!

Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend #2 starts this weekend Sat 3am 9th June to Mon 3pm 11th June, SG/MY GMT +8 time.

As usual, Yakisoba will remain on Scavenger’s Causeway for the rest of the betas. We will announce which server to move to during live, and we will definitely roll on a more oceanic heavy server.

All members please take note: Our mumble server is up and running, if you have not gotten your mic/headset now is probably a good time to invest in one. All members are expected to be on mumble while playing. In case the main mumble server crashes, remember the backup server is

Also, we are still recruiting new members to join our ranks. We currently 57 members and we have plans to expand the guild further. If you are interested to join us, join our facebook group.

Remember to bookmark us!

Posted by: tsubaki | April 30, 2012

Reverting back to the previous mumble IP

All members take note, we are reverting back to our original IP for mumble.

Please switch to

Thank you!

Posted by: tsubaki | April 28, 2012

ATTENTION: Change of Server

“In order to test transfers and world balance, from Friday, April 27 at 15:00 PDT to Saturday, April 28 at 18:00PDT, players will have free and unrestricted World transfers.”

Taking into account the free server transfers, we will be transferring to “Scavenger’s Causeway” for the rest of the beta, so that all members can play together since nobody can join Sea of Sorrows anymore.

Also take note of our mumble IP change, due to a DDOS attack on the old one. The new IP is

Posted by: tsubaki | April 27, 2012

The Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Checklist

And so the great wait begins… Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend will start at 3am Saturday, GMT+8 time. As usual, we will be camping to jump right into the game the moment it goes live. Not a single minute wasted! We only have 36 hours to try out everything!

We here at Yakisoba have prepared a simple to do list for the beta!

1. Stock up

Head to your nearest supermarket and stock up on food and drinks! Best to get food that won’t dirty your fingers while you game. Snackbars, chocolate bars, wang wang, etc are the best. Get your drinks in 1.5ml bottles, cheaper and you don’t have to keep refilling!

2. Sleep

Go sleep. Catch at least 5 hours sleep, so sleep at 10pm! It’s going to be difficult, but that extra pre-gaming sleep will serve you well in the marathon!

3. Get Mumble

Details on how to get Mumble can be found here. Tsubaki will be on Mumble at 2.45am, together with all the other members who will be doing the marathon. As soon as the Guild get created (which we can make immediately after your first cutscene), we can start adding you into the guild. Chatting and partying up together will make your Guild Wars 2 experience a very enjoyable one, and you probably won’t feel sleepy.

4. Game on!

Important to note: We will be rolling on Sea of Sorrows server. Make sure you don’t mess this up!

And let the 1st Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend begin! Remember to read this bunch of tips before you play, it’s pretty damn useful for anyone who is jumping into Guild Wars 2 for the first time. And a word of advice from Tsubaki: Unlearn whatever thing you know about MMORPGs, Guild Wars 2 does everything differently and you will need to do alot of relearning at least for the early levels.


Posted by: tsubaki | April 25, 2012

Yakisoba Guild Wars 2 Homeserver

After much discussion over the server list provided by ArenaNet’s latest blog post, we have decided that we will roll on “Sea of Sorrows“, together with the other Oceanic community.

All members please take note of the server, as your account will be binded to whatever server you selected and you can only change it via cashshop gems.

We now have 30 members all ready to roll, and we are still open to new members interested to join our server.

Request to join our facebook group if you are interested to be part of our community of gamers!

Posted by: tsubaki | April 19, 2012

Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Confirmed!

Breaking news! Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend has been confirmed by ArenaNet. It will happen on the 27-29 of April. We will finally have a taste of the game and we are all very excited about.

Also throwing in the obligatory recruitment message: Yakisoba is recruiting new members to join us in Guild Wars 2. 27 of our core members have already bought the game, and more and joining in. We’re hoping to start the game with at least 30 members!  If you are interested, join us on our facebook group.

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