Posted by: tsubaki | February 17, 2007

Yakisoba Policy on AFK trainings

Quoted from the GE forums:

why do people want to lvl up? so they can kill people in pvp without a challenge! why would you want that? because you cant fight fair! so as example yakisoba they are a huge afker faction from what ive noticed there all fairly high lvls 40+ quite a few 50+ now im sure and its clear they will decimate everyone else in pvp when colony wars and such start so wouldnt they be just as much whimps for not wanting a fair fight? there going ot have no challenge same thing as afk dueling pretty much imo..

It has come to my attention that our high level-ness (Woo, we have level 60ers) and the inclusion of Hrin in our faction has drawn irk from some forumers. While we should pay no attention to these jealous tongues, I think I should lay down our policy on AFK training.

AFK training is NOT wrong

Granado Espada was made this way. And Yakisoba will continue to form AFK parties at night while members are asleep. In the day time, we train as per normal and pick up loots to supply his/her own income.

We intend to be the best guild in the game and we will do whatever it takes to reach our goal LEGALLY. Let the sour grapes complain about our AFK parties.

Duel them if you want, but chances are, they won’t have the same balls to accept it even though they duel an afker.



  1. Yeah.. these people are lame.. just cause they cant do the same.. its legal botting not happy den dun play.. the game is made like that.. shitty least we dun use bot programs to auto loot..(or do we ;P)

  2. Lol…this is hilarious…..

  3. yes 😀 i do what i want and what i like its not against the rules

    and now i learn a new policy , dont send the afkers back town , pvp them till they have super negative score 😀

  4. LoL, well, thats how people(anti afkers) operate init?Get jealous and grief over inferiority, and brag over superiority

  5. Lawl… well at least now we’r reknowed to the CBTesters. =) Popularity FTW! XD

  6. I lol-ed so damn hard. lol


  8. I’m too low level to afk-party with you guys.. and too low level to afk-pvp anyone..
    Omg this topic skips right pass me =D

  9. nothing wrong with afk party ^^

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