Posted by: tsubaki | February 18, 2007

Gong xi fa cai!

A happy new year to all Yakisoba members! May you get plenty of ang baos and vis.

And for the Year of the Pig, Yakisoba has a bad news to start with. I am very disappointed at how some members have yet to come up to me to pay 5,000 vis. This money is not a donation. It’s an initiation fee. This money that you contribute goes into the guild fund where we will level the faction up and use it for colony wars (once it is enabled).

So I am giving the final warning:

Members who fail to pay by this Wednesday = You will be expelled from the guild.

There is a need for people to start taking the initiative. If we are going to be the biggest and best guild out there, there must be some form of discipline here. If for some reason you can’t remember whether you have paid or not, refer to our Family list. I always update it as soon as I recieve payment.

Excalibur has volunteered to collect money on my behalf when I am not around. Kindly pass it to him.

Once this whole collection is done and over with, I will open up Yakisoba again to start recruiting more members. Our recruitment requirements will be as followed:

– Level 40 minimum
– Have to pay 5k initiation fee.
– Locals and foreigners welcome, but foreigners must be aware of our playing time.

I will do the broadcasting, but I would appreciate if every member be aware of our current recruitment stance. Thank you.


  1. Yeah~~ great job Tsu.. Dun stress urself out too much yah.. Take care and get more angbaos!!

  2. Will pass it to Exupery maybe later if I remember. If I don’t I’ll pass it to either one of you as I won’t be home till Wednesday..Please don’t expel me T_T

  3. Lolx.

  4. Peanut, how come u have a pic next to u?

  5. Enzer: Because he has a wordpress account.

  6. oooo.. word press account need pay or free?

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