Posted by: tsubaki | February 19, 2007

GE Full OST and jGE Japanese voices

Excalibur has repacked the full Granado Espada OST for everyone, and you can dowload it here.

For those who hates the English voices to the core, you can also download the jGE voice pack which will change all your character voices to hot japanese seiyuus like 田中理恵 (female Warlock), 置鮎龍太郎 (male Wizard), etc.

The file is split into 3 parts, so grab part 1, part 2 and part 3.

: If the 3 parts link expires, you can download the whole thing here.

Download them, extract them to your program files/granado espada/ge folder. You will replace a file call the ‘se.ipf’. Back that file up if you want to. So far it has not caused any problems with the game at all so there is no real need to do so.



  1. T___T
    Yousendit is too slow ._.

  2. Sora… its slow? u want which one the OST or voice?

  3. Whats the password to extract the OST?

  4. Erm, yeah it’s rather slow for me.
    I’ve been at like 9kbs all these time for the past 3 hours.

    And uh, i’m getting the OST.

  5. Zubor: Password can be gotten from the IRC. Only Yakisoba members will get it.

    Sora: Your interweb is teh loooze.

  6. Erm there is another link for the OST

    Erm.. i dun think theres a need to keep it to members only.. since i leeched it too so..
    The PASSWORD is rpgmm

  7. Oh well, i’ll just wait for mine to finish.
    Since it’s already like 90% done lol.

  8. Woah.. 9kb/s.. my speed was like ranging from 70-110kb/s for teh OST. oh and.. Thanks for the pass Enzer. lol. Saves me teh trouble of opening up teh irc client and waiting for it to connect and all that BS.

  9. -____-

    I waited patiently and the shit stopped/jammed at 92%


  10. there’s a couple songs missing, but otherwise. Great upload and good job!

  11. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!

  12. The BGM package miss out 2 soundtrack, M.I.S.A and Impressive. So is there anyway to get them to make the package complete? BTW, I was just thinking where to get GE’s BGM and then I found them from you guys. Thumbs up for you, Excalibur.

  13. lol.. Kudos to Testarossa, he gave me those links i just uploaded it 😉 hmm 2 tracks only nvm la.

  14. the OST download is broken ;__;

  15. I’m bored.. the female Scout sounds like Itou Shizuka, and the female Musketeer sounds a little like a younger, higher-pitched Yukino Satsuki. Lol.

  16. i think this still works

  17. Hey, just curious if we could get a reupload of the japanese voices, it’d be awesome to switch them out. 🙂 and maybe a correct link for the soundtrack would be awesome, if the game wasn’t as good as it is, the music alone would keep me playing. *laughs*

  18. @Enzer, it doens’t work anymore. :/

    Can someone upload the WHOLE thing? :/

  19. for the OST for the japanese VAs

  20. erm if u guys cant get from Craziplaya21’s link,
    u can leave a comment and i will upload them asap.

  21. I cant…mine keep hanging after awhile. Can upload a new one please? Thx alot man

  22. I cant…mine keep hanging after awhile. Can upload a new one please? Thx alot man =)

  23. What in the world….
    Tried to DL it from Gigeshare, was near complettion (like 70%, at a pitifuly slow 30kb/s) and suddenly it loses the transfer. The file seems to have been deleted from Gigeshare when I now try to click on it :/

  24. ok.. i will get right to it.. give me a day or less

  25. ok… done uploading. here we go.
    GE OST –
    jGE voice –
    enjoy… pw for the ost is rpgmm

  26. Much appreciated. Will take 6 hours (lol) but I’ll take what I can get 🙂

  27. I think the links wont work anymore. i am sorry and there is nth i can do.

  28. It’s okay already Enzer. Don’t need to upload anymore.

  29. ugh the OST link does not work anymore

  30. Hmm… The download link has exeeded its download limit T_T

  31. hi is there I went to all the link and they’re all broken or expired, if anyone could upload the file, that will be great. T_T

  32. Hi, I know I’m really late on this, but would it be possible for you to upload the Japanese VA file again? The links seemed to all be currently inactive.

  33. Sorry, but you’re not the real Sabre. The real Sabre has his own jGE client and se.ipf

    Stop imposting as him.

  34. Never said I was him. I’d imagine my username isn’t as unique that only I would possess it.

  35. Hi everyone, i know i’ll be really late for this but i really hope someone can re-upload it? or tell us how to extract it from our game clients? Thanks alot >.

  36. same here a well, i want to have the ost and the jGE voices. can you help us please? thanks! =)

  37. ! NYUUUUU!!! i started playing again :OOO this thing has expired O.o pm IN GAME i must get it harrr =((((( also =PPP i want to the ts2 server

  38. For the late comers: Please read through the comments.

    (This comment was to make it easier for you guys to find the post)

  39. I read through the comments, none of the links work. Maybe I’m missing something?

    If not, could someone please repost?

  40. Use this link:

  41. hi can someone help me with the file to download for the Japanese voice?i really wish to edit it.i try the link mention,but it cant seems to start download.anyone able to send me the direct link to download?

  42. i try the above link,but when i go to press download,it show me a page to upload things.pardon me for my noobness.
    able to provide some help?

  43. Tohsaka (23:33:16) :

    Use this link:

    when download it from gigeshare… after the continuation link, then the page loads i click arrow button with link download, using FDM, Firefox, DAP, Flashget, cant download file not found.. pls re-upload it again, and dont use Megaupload, it hates me, try Mediafire/Uploading or at least Rapidshare ~_~

  44. Reuploaded.

    Use this link: (jGE Voices)

  45. Tohsaka, that file seems to have a password >.< I tried using the old one “rpgmm” but it doesn’t work. Also, it seems to be multiple files. I thought it would be only one file “se.ipf”. So do I extract all of this into my GE folder? o.O

  46. just use emule (a p2p file sharing program) and search for Granado Espada OST.
    I am currently sharing it.

  47. can someone upload the OSTs again D=

  48. why my soso , irawan and my catherine dont speaks

  49. OMG, all the link is die…Someone pls reup 😦

  50. @cedar: The megaupload link is still working.

  51. Is there any the newest Japanese se.ipf ?? Really need it … ^^

  52. the megaupload works but it only for 5-8kb/s for free users it will take like 20 hours to download it
    …..well in my case

  53. guyz.. plz help me fix my GE game because my char. looks like frozen in game T_T. what can i do with it

  54. Pardon guys, post seems pretty old so i wanted to ask if the files still work for the current version ( ?

  55. Thanks for the megaupload link (:

  56. Can anyone find the english voices in MP3 format?

  57. anyone have a newer link. megaupload link is too slow and doesn`t finish download

  58. hi guys..can any1 help me with char_texture.ipf?its corrupted since i install my,anyway i can only download char_texture.ipf file? -.- to redownload the whole GE installer is badly hurt.. ='(

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