Posted by: tsubaki | February 20, 2007

15 vs 15 GvG duel and War Declaration

Voyage has recieved an invitation to a 15 vs 15 GvG duel from a person name faux.

The match will be held tomorrow at 9pm (Singapore time GMT +8) and members who are interested in participating in this please be online. I hope all our Lvl 5x, 6x, 7x (Cage that means you, lol)  members will be present for that event.

Also, we will be having our first war declaration soon and we are discussing on our guild forum on which faction to declare war with. Members who have not registered for the forums yet, kindly do so now so that you can participate in the discussion here.



  1. WTF~~ 15 only arh? I dun think enuff slots for us..

  2. Faux from Godlike?.. lol.. that kids an AFK Dueler and jsut hates voyago cus of his damn broadcast spams.

  3. lol.. Faux din turn up anyways.

  4. 1st of all im not an afk dueler
    2nd I do hate voyage /broad spams till I learned it was fun
    3rd Im ex-godlike
    4th You setted a time we obviously couldnt make… 9pm ( gmt+9) its 9 am here.

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