Posted by: tsubaki | February 20, 2007

Last Reminder to Members

The following members have yet to pay their 5,000 vis membership dues:

Stollen, Ekik3l, Hohenheim, XD, Zepher, Strifewalker, Lerion*, Deon, Suns, Nahashi and Younha.

Please remind them to pay to either Tsubaki, Excalibur or Exupery by today the latest, or they will be removed from the guild on Wednesday, where we will proceed with our mass recruitment of new Yakisoba members.

*Lerion has personally informed me that he will only be back on Thursday/Friday, so he will be excused.



  1. I paid Excalibur..
    Then he took a cheapshot on me!! the meanie!! 😦 😦 😦

  2. Sob.. i said i was sory T_T

  3. Lmao, I striked your name of teh list liao.

  4. I’m forever going to bring this topic up JUST for Excalibur!! ^^ ^^ ^^ 😛 Whenever i’m lonely.. hahahaha 🙂

  5. Oh mai lawd D:

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