Posted by: tsubaki | February 23, 2007

Yakisoba Event: Guild Photoshoot! And some words of thanks.

I just realized that CBT will be coming to an end soon.

edit: actually, there’s still 1 more week. I r phailed maths.

If I recalled correctly, Hrin once mentioned that the CBT will be up for 3 weeks and since we started on the 12th of Feb, then 5th of March should be the last day.

While this is a little too early, I want to thank all 58 Yakisoba members for their time and dedication to make Yakisoba the most active, organized and dedicated faction in sgGE CBT. We have had our share of mudslinging from the community, but we will not be affected by these ignorant players.

As long as we stay legit and honest within the boundaries of the game, we can lift our heads up.

So before CBT ends, I would like to have one huge group photoshoot with ALL YAKISOBA members this Sunday, 8pm (GMT+8) at Cite de Reboldouex fountain area Channel 1 (1 hour before the 15v15 PVP event). Start grinding that couple of levels to get into your 52 gear or higher!


  1. Cool.. Shld i use my lisa or mboma =)

  2. I don’t think I’d be able to make it this sunday..Will be out =/

    But if I’m around, you’ll see me online =P

  3. Most probably I’ll be out too, but I’ll try to make it >.

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