Posted by: tsubaki | February 24, 2007

War Over

The war with [Infamous] is now over. They disbanded their guild and ran away. So in that sense, Yakisoba has “eliminated” one faction. Unfortunately, I think it’s very poor sportmanship of their guild to run away. It was one of their members that dared us to warring them after all.

Their leader did offer a truce, but I declined because it was barely a few hours before we declared war on them (200k is expensive after all, so at least let us war a couple of days).

Well I hope some of you that managed to catch some of the on going had fun KOS-ing them. Don’t worry, I will look for another guild that would be interested in having war with us.

For now, I’ll be collecting donations from members to fund the “almost dried” guild fund. This is not compulsory, and you may donate any sum of money you wish to me.

Thank you.



  1. this is just a plot to waste the faction’s money. Man, these guys are smart =|

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