Posted by: tsubaki | February 24, 2007

Yakisoba at WAR

Yakisoba is now at war with Infamous.

This war is brought to you courtesy of Poker (from Infamous) who openly challenged our faction to war. I hope they would enjoy this war as much as we would do.

All the best to all members during this warring period. Have fun, hunt them down and tear them apart.


PS- I’ll need some donation from you guys. The war is costly you know. Rofl.




    No Mercy for the weak! None shall survive!
    Use Faction Chat if u find a Squad of em and lets make an palnned attack on em ^__^

    Somehting like this: Aaha! There they are up ahead! i hope they like suprices!^___^ kekkekekeke

  2. Like Hiruma would say, Butobas! Jap for Crush em’! (i duno the spelling sry)

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