Posted by: tsubaki | February 28, 2007

Granado Espada Event: Treasure Hunt!

For those who have not heard about it yet, the GMs are finally organizing an event:

Get an edge during CBT by finding and killing mid-level Hill Giants. These mean, green monsters roam Ferruccio Junction, the Cathari Falls, King’s Garden, Tetra Hill and the Tetra Great Ruins.

At 2p.m. SGT (GMT +8), the Hill Giants will come out to hunt. When the Hill Giants spawn in these areas, be sure to kill them! Three of the Hill Giants will unlock access to a special coupon after they have been killed. Once all three coupons have been found, the lucky players can redeem their coupons for a random equipment, 1 NPC Card, and early access to coming OBT!

There’s some discussion going on here on our own forums on what to how to deal with it, so go ahead and participate. I’m sure most of you are starting to feel the burn out and also the lack of motivation to grind anymore since the server is going to be wiped, but the event reward is worth it because of its OBT benefits.



  1. I agreed with you

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