Posted by: tsubaki | March 8, 2007

Exp boosting to 2x/3x

Alright, it’s been a while since I posted any news. Things are going slowly these days as more and more members are falling to the inactive side. I don’t blame them since the server will be wiped anyway. In fact, I’ll be shifting towards inactive mode soon because my major school projects are coming.

But for those who are still playing, I’m sure you would have heard of the exp boost that the GE Team will be adding:

Great news GE fans! We will be boosting XP rates by TWO times tomorrow, 8 March 2007! This 2X boost in XP will last all the way till 15 March 2007.

On 15 March 2007, XP will be further boosted to THREE times as much! This will last all the way till the end of CBT.

Enjoy the gift and use it to get everything you can out of the game!

Have fun grinding your way to the top, oh and also let’s congrat Cage for being the first to hit level 100.


  1. Sorry these event won’t keep me out of hibernating from the scene. Helding team PVP trouney would be another little good incentive.

    Anyway probably see you guys in game in Easter (mid-Apirl)

  2. dum dum, got me gum gum? >

  3. o.o pre-ob starts may not mid april.

  4. they announced mid-april. why do you say may?

  5. nvm, i just read the most recent announcement, unfortunately, it is late may afterall

  6. its not late may. they just said may.

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