Posted by: tsubaki | March 12, 2007

Spinelles Needed!

Voyage is organizing yet another event, this time it’s more fun because there will be bodycounts.

Details of his “Monster Invasion” event will be as followed:

The monsters are back and invading Queen’s Gate once again! With Claude MIA its up to you, Vespanoleans to defend Queen’s Gate from the invading monsters~

Date : 18th march 2007
Time : after Dance event has ended
Venue : Queen’s Gate Channel 1
Details : Over 400 monsters ranging from lv 1 – 100 will be spawn. Bring your own spinelle and spawn them ~~

He’s also appealing for more spinelles from guild members, so kindly donate (or sell, LOL) to him. Since it’s going to be held on the eve of the closure of CBT, let’s just go crazy and hell, crash the server (on the pretext of bandwidth testing, LOL).

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