Posted by: tsubaki | March 18, 2007

The end of CBT, and a couple of words.

Well CBT ends tomorrow, but hell what’s the difference eh?

Anyway, I just want to thank all Yakisoba members for making Yakisoba one of the best, most fun and awesome guild ever. We’ve achieved quite a reputation in the game now. While it’s not exactly a very clean reputation, who cares? Who needs the word ‘Care Bear’ slapped on their face anyway?

I want to thank those who have stayed on all the way till the last few days of CBT, you guys really keep the Yakisoba name going and it’s good to see that even with a handful of us online, we can take down larger factions (LOL PCQUEST).

I’m expecting the emergence of more powerful factions appearing in pre-OBT, and hopefully we will still be at the top of the table. And hopefully I’ll see everyone back in Yakisoba again. Some of you may have started school and all, and may not be able to achieve your levelling abilities during CBT, but fret not. If you can level reasonably, you’re still welcomed to join us.

There’s so much potential in terms of pvp and warring in v2, so I’m damn excited it’s finally coming to sgGE. I hope everyone will stay in touch in the guild forums. I won’t be wiping it yet, not until the eve of pre-OBT, so go ahead and use the forums.

Oh and another thing, once I do wipe the forum, please re-register again using your In-game family nicknames to avoid confusion. Since we can have up to 100 members in a faction, it’s going to be confusing if everyone use other nicknames.

I’ll remind this again when I’ve wiped so don’t worry too much about it.

And I think this is getting a bit too long for “a couple of words”, so I’ll just end it here. Yakisoba banzai!

– Tsubaki
Leader of Yakisoba


  1. Just a question for you Tsu. Will there be any changes in the requirements to join the faction?

  2. I’ll probably use a highest level member cap requirement system. Basically if our highest member is 40, than players above 35 can join, so on and so forth. But once we settle down, min level will probably be at least 72.

  3. Ok. Hope the faction start recruiting soon after OB. Playing alone isnt really fun. Haha~

  4. Level cap could be 45 or 50 by the start of ob lol, (cage)

  5. hmm.

  6. 50 will not pose much of a problem. Applying early is more important. =D
    No slots = GG

  7. D:

  8. @.@

  9. See u guys in POB . Grind on ! 😛

  10. hmm… GalaDriel looks very familiar… have we spoken in-game before? Where do I know you from?

    On a sidenote, hey it has been such a blast being with you guys during this whole CBT period. So much drama, pervy jokes and witty conversation in ‘Days of our Yakisoba Lives’. Gee… I’ll really really miss you guys…. T.T

  11. After visting around other guilds hope you come back to yakisoba =o

  12. Huang and Evil stop poking me EEEEEeee!! Meh not going to play Open Beta anymore, you guys keep pounding my ass and the either Persian, I mean PCQuest army.

    Instead I’ll just make GE fanart mebbe some pron too

  13. *other Persian, …

  14. @Hrin: Hello there. I have not spoken to u before, but maybe we should have huh? =)

    @Innocencia: Makes me think of how the Spartans fought the Persian army. Dominating =/

  15. YAKISOBA BANZAI~!!111tenone

    Counting down to OB~ =p

  16. well sorry if i couldn’t stay in the last few days of CB, been quite busy over here.
    well hope to see you all again in POB

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