Posted by: tsubaki | March 21, 2007

jGE version 2 faction wars pumps me up

These are pictures from the highest ranking faction of ダイヤモンド server, the ダイア faction. They are also top faction among all the other servers with a total of 895717 points. And they only have 67 members, compared to other factions with 80+ members.



After looking at these pictures and reading about them, I’m damn pumped up for version 2. Heck, I’m downloading v2 now so I can go play back my old account (I shouldn’t have deleted my jGE client, fuck) and go test those new features.

I think some of the original Yakisoba members are playing jGE now, if you wish, you are free to join us there. We’re on the 2nd server btw. If you don’t know how to register, you can try using this guide here. But it’s an old guide and I don’t know whether it still works for now.

Also, you must use Internet Explorer (yes I know IE sucks, but the damn koreans love it so much) for the registration and downloading of client.


  1. So will most people be starting from scratch? Or do a few have accounts already with higher lvl characters?

  2. well, if u used to have an account and played before in 2nd server(a merged server actually) then your old chars will still be there. I migrated from 3rd server to 2nd server, now lvl4x, as i afk at low lvl map alot for lvling my stances. i notice stance > base lvl. So get ur stance as high and as many as possible before ur family lvl hit lvl6, as below lvl6, u wont get forced pked.

  3. It came out with some sort of error when i click ok after tpying down my E-Mail.

  4. @Huang Most of us already have existing characters there. =p

    @Sabre Perfect. My old family should be there.

    @Galadriel Can’t help you there, I don’t know how to read gibberish. Have you installed JP on your Windows?

  5. It is all jumbled up and yes i did install JP Language when i played other JP MMOs in the past. It is just that pop-up. Anyway, can anyone try registering at the site? Thanks in advance.

  6. Guess ill wait till ob, i shouldnt immerse myself during my finals period. Ill save most of my energy for ob xD. If anyone wants to play battlefield2, war3, or gunbound, heck even cs lemme know wait wait or stepmania online

  7. War3 as in Dota? If so, I will definitely join you.

  8. Woah. Tsu actually found the old guide. Anyways. Yea i’m in it too. But.. there’s nobody in the starting few maps. NOBODY. hm.. maybe it’s just cause everyone’s all high levelled or maybe it was their bed time…

  9. Well i could play dota but i suck, i mainly play td’s, hero sieges, footy frenzy..

  10. @GalaDriel theres a ip ban on the sign up page if im not wrong..i only manage to sign up after using a jp proxy

  11. o.o ip ban on sign up page?
    i sign up that time without using proxy

  12. >.

  13. List yer names if you’re in the jGE server. ^__^

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