Posted by: tsubaki | April 17, 2007

300 bowls of Yakisoba please!

Aye, it’s been ages since I updated this this site. The noodles are soggy and everything’s starting to ferment. Hrin’s been kicking me to update this so here I am.

So how is everyone? Even the participation level at the forums is beginning to die down. I suppose everyone’s busy with school, work, new games and all eh?

Coincidentally, today is the 17th of April, a month before OBT starts. Have you guys finalized your character builds, family names and all? Are you all ready to paint the entire map with Yakisoba on it?




  1. aiye…ready. πŸ˜› lol
    will be taking 2 days off from work to grind. xD
    too bad some of the member wont be playing nemore lol πŸ˜› i miss t3h cookies T.T

  2. omgf i thought we were dining at starbucks lol
    i dont know my school just started i wont be able to be like sabre so lucky DONT GO SCHOOL just to grind haha but ill join back again if you even remember who i am lol

  3. Been suriving off gunbound until the 15th, come then I shall begin grinding like never before.

  4. Hello, been playing starcraft reading manga and watching anime. πŸ™‚

  5. jeng jeng jeng
    jGE test server open on the 17th of april xD 10x exp/drop, v2.1
    meh….should have download last night T.T
    aih….can only download when i’m off work T.T

  6. I’ve been playing Ar tonelico – Melody of Elemia on my ps2. RPG with a dating sim touch ftw!

  7. Have been trying to hunt down Lowell in my campus, only to find EverStrong. Lol.

  8. I am hibernating do not disturb


  10. Dyin in school. =(

  11. Doomed in US

  12. look people i dont know about granado eapada but a member in chaos legion is hacked your forms and i saw it cause my brother is in ge so try to block it and i play runescape and my username is blade 2545

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