Posted by: tsubaki | April 20, 2007

Korean GVG Tourney video

Click here to watch the video
(for some reason, I can’t seem to embed youtube videos on this site)

Just in case any of you still have not finalized your builds, perhaps this video would help your with your decision (or might even confuse you futher, hahaha). Note the insane number of Levi Wizards used. I suppose in the context of GVG, Wizards and Warlocks are mostly used, as compared to the usual PVP setup.

EDIT: Aye, I fixed the wrong url thingy. But just in case anybody want to watch the GE MTV, the video can be found here



  1. Why is it linked to that MTV video? Lol.

  2. Aprill fool day is over =/

  3. …. Fk you Testa. LOL

  4. Oh shit. I put the wrong link. LOL.

    Here’s the correct one:

  5. yeh, watched edi lol. love wiz xD wiz/wiz/wiz woot 😛

  6. SO BORING Not much people good at cnc3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ see you guys on 15th those with passes

  7. I tot you going NS already?

  8. he managed to escape from ns for another 2 yrs lol

  9. oh my….i can feel the lag lol

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