Posted by: tsubaki | April 23, 2007


Blatently ripped from the sgGE site:

Just a quick update for you guys! Great News – we are running on schedule for the launch of Pre-Open Beta on 17th May 2007, Thursday. Granado Espada V2.0’s Pre-Open Beta Test (POBT) Client will be available for download on the web from 1st May 2007, Tuesday, onwards. Mirror sites for the client will be listed in the ‘Downloads’ section on 1st May 2007, Tuesday.

HOOOOZZZAAAAH. Get ready to spam the download server.

Oh and IAH finally got rid of their old ugly forum and got a damn sweet looking one. Login using your IAH passport and start making Yakisoba’s presence known! In a good way of course.



  1. Tsubaki is high lol

  2. is yakisoba accepting new members?

  3. hrin cant join us in pobt liao~~ 😦

  4. @Tohsaka You bet I am.

    @Fan Not at the moment. We will start recruiting later on, but our requirements will be quite demanding.

    @voyage How come?

  5. dunno if im allowed to say this…but her boss doesn’t allow her to join any factions and stuff like that lo =/

  6. Gah, that’s expected. Oh well, it can’t be helped since people were accusing us of getting help from hrin and GMs.

  7. i miss pvping already LoL

  8. someone teach me how to macro pvp!

  9. -removed-

  10. Now that’s quite fucked up. K2’s business model is so shitty to begin with. Even with an IP ban, i bet people will simply bypass it just to play sgGE.

  11. FUCK U K2

    Come down to it i’ll need some help to play with a sg proxy

  12. omg IP BAN!?

  13. Okay , i need to remove voy’s info. let’s discuss it on our guild forum where it’s much more private.

  14. please post at

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