Posted by: tsubaki | April 28, 2007

Yakisoba OBT plans


Okay, I have finalized a couple of Yakisoba plans and structures, and here it is. This notice is for all former Yakisoba members, as well as players who are interested in joining Yakisoba.

Yakisoba will be recreated in OBT, and we will still be known as Yakisoba. I will create it as soon as I farm 200 family points. While the names of the servers are still not known at the moment, we will be playing on the 1st main server. Should there be separate servers for PVP/carebear, we will be in the PVP server, no questions asked.

Former CBT Yakisoba members can request immediate entrance to Yakisoba as soon as you verify yourself. If I cannot remember you for the love of God, then I am so sorry, you will not be permitted into it. Just kidding. All members as usual, are required to pay the usual 5,000 vis entrance fee. However, as a benefit to existing members, you may defer your entrance fee until you have sufficient money. But please don’t make me hunt you down for the fee again, like in CBT.


The Yakisoba forums will be wiped as well. The confirmed wipe date for our guild forum will be on the 14th of May. If there are important posts, pictures of fel-chan, guides, etc that you wish to keep, please back them up. I will not back up anything. As soon as the forum is wipe, you may register yourself again. However, please register your forum nickname as the same nickname as your family in game. This is because when we grow to 100 members, we will have a difficult time knowing who’s who. As soon as I see your registration, I will validate your account and you will be able to enter the private sections of the forums, as usual.

New players who are interested in joining Yakisoba, look out for our in-game announcements. We will also post recruitment notices on this site as well as the GE forum. At the moment, we have not finalize our recruitment requirements but you can be sure that we will have one of the most demanding level entry requirement. Our level entry requirement will be capped according to the average of our member’s level. Thus it will constantly increase itself until a certain level. I daresay our future requirements would be at least level 72. Do note that we have also have a entry fee of 5,000 vis. This will go into the guild treasury where it will be used to pay for guild level increments as well as war declaration letters.

That will be all for now.

3 more day before the client is available for download! I’ll see those some of you on the 15th and the rest on the 17th. Cheers, stay healthy and sleep more. When GE starts, it’s time for the great leveling spree. I hope everyone’s pumped up to go nuts, because Yakisoba is so going to pwn the server!

Let’s paint Yakisoba all over the world map!


  1. lol @ saving fel’s pics.

    I’ll need to defer as well. Want to secure the Tsundere name of Tohsaka.

  2. LOL i want fel-chan’s pic :p honto kawaii ne~ 😛
    Btw, tsu, i got a question, can the client support katagana? If so, will you use katagana for our guild name? Well, if it can support, guess i might just might be using katagana :p neways time to rest.

  3. oh mannnn 2 more weeks, i already forgot how to pvp i think 😦

  4. @Tohsaka You have the 2 days pass right?

    @Sabre I don’t think it’s support. Don’t use Katakana family name hor >.> otherwise it’s going to be pain to message you.

    @Ravana nvm, you got plenty of time to train. hahaha.

  5. See you guys on the 17th lol.

    And pray that they didn’t filter the word “satay” >_>

  6. @yes i do. Will be farming my vis asap~ XDXD

  7. No IP ban right? Also, is there a certain level that we plan on afking again? Even though I get in the 15th, i doubt i can go 48 hours straight @_@.

  8. @Sora And I thought you’re staying in jGE you little traitor.

    @huang No ip ban. Well we’ll be afking when we go to sleep as usual. I hoping to hit 40 in 2 days. LOL.

  9. now sleep alot …
    i worder …if i can tahan..chiong level…in ob @_@

  10. …I got school in the 2 days too , ffs lol
    hope by 17may can reach port if not tetra dungeon

  11. 40 in 2 days? LETS GO 60!!!

  12. Note, I will most likely change my family name to Mirage if that’s okay…

  13. Lol @ Huang.

    I’m taking it slow and steady.. =z

  14. lol, intend for at least lvl 36 before i afk the first day. So can be at porta.

  15. @Ashes Can one. You train with us, got motivation. Even more so when Cage comes. Hahah.

    @Testarossa2 Skip lah! Playing 2 full days will give u a big edge over others, while missing 2 days of school won’t do you any harm =/


    @Lesaille I suppose that’s okay. Unless for some reason I fail to remember who u are. hahaha.

    @sinistral You will be going for the hrin event right, then you will also have teh 2 day pass desho?

    @Tohsaka Lol. I was only aiming for Jezebel. Hahaha.

  16. @Tsubaki,

    Yeah I’m going, and hopefully I do get the pass. And aiming for just level 30 for the 2 days.

  17. Why 60?should be 70 lol

  18. borredddd 15+ more days seems like 15 yearrssss

  19. @silvercrimz
    sorry i meant to say 80, i did 100 in two days! haha 3x exp

  20. One more fucking day to the download….. and 15 more years to the game. Man.

  21. Just popping by. Wow u guys are really hyped up! Guess Yakisoba’s gonna be fiercer than cbt eh. All the best =P

  22. hmm..
    gonna zombie for the 2 xtra days….
    then zombie + bankai to 100….
    then…zombie and bankai again till 10th july
    coz thats when i become a ns policeman dammit.
    i hate national service.

  23. […] please note that I will be wiping the forums tomorrow (instead of the 14th like I originally planned). Kindly back up whatever necessary information you require. This wipe is to ensure that our forums […]

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