Posted by: tsubaki | May 1, 2007

Countdown: 14/16 days left

With the client up, the next hurdle is the painful wait….


…of being able to actually log in.



  1. Need to download mine > .;o

  2. Tsubaki, do we have to redownload the whole GE? Or is there a partial update that people have been speculating about before?

  3. Huang, you’re the last person i expect to ask me this question. Everyday we get noobs on the forum asking this question and man it’s annoying! But anyway, u have to REDOWNLOAD the whole client. There is NO SUCH patch for CBT -> OBT.

  4. im a failure in life, forgive me Tsubaki, i never check the offical forums.

  5. well I don’t know that as well, lol

    i didn’t check forum and stuff all blame to this site

    how nice it would be if it is gone 🙂

    anyway Tsubaki feel free to give my seat to someone as well, exam is coming no games. Probably going to be very occupied next semster enjoy guys.

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