Posted by: tsubaki | May 1, 2007

POBT downloads


The downloads are out, and you can get them now. IAH has only posted 1 part of the 6 files, but if you have a little bit of common sense, you’d figure out you can hammer the site for the rest of the downloads. I’m currently download part 2 and 3 already, and the speed is love.

Since my downloads are capped at 700kbs, downloading 2 at the time means their speed is split. =( If you get the Service Unavaliable message, just keep refreshing the site. If you have a G15 keyboard, here’s what I did:

Macro F5 (short delay) enter (short delay) and set on auto repeat. It will keep refreshing for you until it downloads. >D Nifty eh?

For those who want a program to help refresh the download page, download ReloadEvery, a plugin for Firefox browsers.

After installing it on your Firefox, restart your Firefox. On the Service Unavailable page, right-click and select Reload Every.
Go to Custom, and set 1 second. Then select Enable. It will keep refreshing the page until you get the download pop up. Remember to disable it.

One good thing about this plugin is that while refreshing that tab, you can surf other sites.



  1. wakao the download sux keep service unavilliable so far only downloaded part 1 == “

  2. nid to dl 1 meh 😛

  3. or u could just use flashget or other download manager and just enter the url

  4. i using flashget and opera refresh every 5 sec… so far manage to download 2 part 4 more to go!

  5. This voyage is cbk! Lol.

    Ashes, I think u need to increase the frequency to 1 second.

  6. Tsubaki where did u get the other 5parts?

  7. From common sense.

  8. Huh? >

  9. can teach me? >

  10. thanks tsubaki =))

  11. why so many wulu nicks arnd lol

  12. Uhmm Hello Mr. Tsubaki. I saw you in GE forums and I was just wondering how come I cant download those part by part client. It always says SERVICE UNAVAILABLE… I dont know why. Do you happen to have an explanation to this? Thank you Mr.Tsubaki

    P.S And oh… I tried to download the other one. But im sort of having some problems. I dont know why and how but right now Its always 0kb/s its weird. My internet may not be the super best but it is DSL and its fast enough but right now its NOT DOWNLOADING what could be the cause of this? Please Mr.Tsubaki if you know whats wrong please tell me ^^ If you need my name in GE FORUMS its King Leonidas maybe you could pm there or just post coment here. Thank you and GODSPEED!

  13. If you were from the forums, maybe you could take the time to READ THE MULTIPLE THREADS ON THE TOPIC.

    Don’t bother the boss with such request.

  14. As much as I’m sure all of us want our downloads, can you please tell people to set their refresh times to like 10 or 15 seconds or something? Constant refreshing just eats resources and in fact, is a bannable offense with many content providers. I’m saying this because I’m partially upset that I can’t seem to get myself in a queue ( and the BT is slow ) and that it might actually be a favor to us all to just wait a bit longer before refreshing. If everybody does this, at most, your download will be delayed by a couple of seconds and their servers won’t have to deal with a bazillion requests per second that it must waste resources on to reject.

  15. just wait dude..theres like 12 – 14 more days and there’re 7 other website thats gonna host the client soon so just wait for them to host it

  16. I know, but part of my point was that they are offering a free download service, a free chance to play the game and… well it seems like everything is free right? Might as well be considerate enough to not spam their servers to death.

    And as for me, like I said, I’m using BT.

  17. Toh, I love you.

  18. …… Well I didn’t expect to be answered like that. Sorry for bothering. People in the forums told be that Tsubaki could probably have the answers. I didn’t expect to encounter a hostile environment. Thanks anyway…

  19. Oh and yes, I read the topics in the forums. I read the guide to make Downloads faster but It didn’t work. I was just hoping if he has any thoughts about it… Geesh people nowadays … (Butt in)

  20. Kevin, if you read the forums, you would have known that Service Unavailable occurs because of the download slots limits. And if you think my members are being hostile. then you please leave. We have been hammered every single day on questions like this, is honestly, we are sick of it.

    We don’t owe anyone anything. Do we look like we are getting paid by IAH? Hell no.

  21. i thought there were a patch for the cbt

    dam exam in 5 weeks the chance for me playing game is so slim now, got to sacrifice game for at least distinction average.

    Probably I should just quit games from now on.

  22. Well sorry… Don’t take the “Hostile’ part seriously… Yes I know Ialso have committed a mistake. But I just thought I would get a more “friendlier” than being thrown away… NVM to the question anyway. Found answers thanks … Oh and yes, as you wish Mr.Tsubaki…

    I will gracefully leave this place ^^

    PEACE! and Godspeed!!!

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