Posted by: tsubaki | May 1, 2007

Yakisoba Quest cum Outing cum Dinner

Okay, Hrin has kindly requested for more Yakisoba warriors to partake her quest to babysit kids.


Currently Voyage, Luciora and Sinistral have offered to join her party and I’m deciding to extend this to the rest of the Yakisoba team to join this outing. It will be held on the 10th of May 2007, Thursday from 11am-6pm. Pssst. This is your last chance in obtaining a 2 day pre-OBT pass. But of course, you are expected to serve with a heart!

We’ll also be having a Guild Dinner at around 6pm too. I will join you guys for the dinner because I have something to attend to on that day. Pantheon will also be coming for the dinner, if i recall correctly.

Send Hrin an email with your name and mobile number if you want to join.

Let’s go pk some kids!

Oh and btw, it’s finally the 1st of May! The downloads should be up in a couple of hours time. I’m assuming somewhere between 10am-12noon.


  1. to tell you the truth , my class ends at 5 that day , i’d be too tired plus lazy but theres the ” pk the kids ” part so we’ll see how it goes ! 🙂

  2. dont know if i can make it…later hangover..den stomach still churnin from the overflow…then puke on the kids then omg.. lol jk.
    ill see how it goes.cant say for sure..for dinner maybe.

  3. LOL

    Still in the U.S. of A.~ XDXD

  4. So nobody interested? Sian 1/2.

  5. I’d love to join but… too far 😀

  6. have class till 3 on thurs. Might turn up for dinner if its still on.

  7. Don’t be lazy, guys! At least just meet up for dinner. You guys hafta eat right? Looking forward to meeting you guys. Better not let me down hor. Mistress Hrin issues orders. And hey… Tsubaki treating us to drinks. =X

  8. >.> youwaitlonglong.

  9. my class whole day to 5 loh sux lol

  10. yay tsubaki treating to drinks~ cheers v(^o^)v better turn up hor lol!

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