Posted by: tsubaki | May 8, 2007

Yakisoba Structural Proposal

As mentioned in my previous post, I have a structural proposal that i would like to hear from all Yakisoba members. Basically the objective of having this hierarchy system is to promote individual growth as a player as well as contribution to Yakisoba in many ways. This also help instills a sense of belonging, discipline and pride in being a Yakisoba member. We want to be the best faction out there, and so long as our members work and believe in that vision, Yakisoba will achieve it.

Having said that, please take a look at the proposal and give me feedbacks on whether you feel it’s worth implementing, or whether there are certain improvements or adjustments you have in mind.

The Faction Leader role is to ensure unity in the faction. He/she is required to keep the faction together and provide a direction in which the Yakisoba will take. Squad Captains, together with the Faction leader and Vice-Leader, will lead the faction into greater heights by creating, implementing and upholding rules and regulations. The Faction leader is required to post regular news about the Faction and its surrounding, to keep all members informed at all time.

The Vice-Leader is the 2nd in command of Yakisoba. He/she is required to be attentive to potential issues problems that may arise in the faction and report them to the Faction leader, where corrective measures and action will be taken. The Vice-Leader is also in charge of administration such as updating the Faction’s Blog.

The Squad Captains will be in-charge of a small group of members comprising of Senior Members, Members and Recruits. Squad Captains are expected to be very active members with good leadership skills. They are expected to be able to lead their own squads into battles and be observant and mindful of each member. Being high leveled is naturally expected of them, but it is not a necessity.

The number of Squad Captains will increase as Yakisoba grow. With a cap limit of 100 members per faction, it is ideal to have a roughly have 5 Squad Captains, but may expand if the need arises.

Senior Members are members whose contributions to the factions have been recognized. Squad Captains will recommend members for promotions.

The rest of Yakisoba members will fall under the Members category. This group is the backbone and pillar of Yakisoba, and has their own say in electing Squad Captains.

Recruits are players who are new to the Yakisoba family. They will be observed by all Yakisoba members, and at the end of a certain period, they will either be recommended as Members, or be requested to leave.

If you find it hard to imagine how it would turn out to be, I think the best visual example I can give would be Bleach’s Gotei 13. Of course our hierarchy is a much watered down version, but basically I want to empower Squad Captains with such leadership position. It would be a waste if we have potential members with great leadership experience and not let them use it and contribute to Yakisoba.

I can already see potential members becoming Zaraki Kenpachi, Kuchiki Byakuya and hell, I don’t even mind having a Unohana Retsu or Soifon.



  1. Thought out and planned very well, would the squad capt/ squads be mainly for just pvp? Or would squads be leveling with eachother as well?

  2. theorically, it’s superb. But as we all know, things doesn’t always go as smoothly as on paper. I do hope all members be it new or old would listen to order given by our ranking officer. As I have experinced players doesn’t listen to order in other games lol.

  3. what Sabre said is pretty ture becasue we aren’t japs…..

    just don’t have great expectation that it will work well.

  4. @Huang I suppose it will revolve mainly around GVG and perhaps inter-personal stuff because I think each squad will have a range of diferent level players so forcing them to party together would not be ideal. There should be interaction among members after all. Lol

    @Sabre Of course there will be problems like that. That is why we have to weed problematic players out. But I strongly believe that as long as everyone works towards that direction, it would be good enough.

    @Sagitis Lmao, yeah it’s a pity we aren’t Japanese people. Insane teamwork and everyone knows their place. But still who say we can’t strive for it =)

  5. Will we be hammering out squad captains before GE starts, or after new recruits join up?

  6. Looks good but it’s better to see how it goes once the POBT starts. I’m sure there will be some minor changes to that proposal along the way.

    Excuse me while I trying calling out my 卍解… ok failed.

  7. Fuwaah..sweet going really went into details

  8. “I can already see potential members becoming Zaraki Kenpachi, Kuchiki Byakuya and hell, I don’t even mind having a Unohana Retsu or Soifon.”

    Need any Shunsui Kyōraku? 😀

  9. We should have some sort of squad ranking lol.

    Creates competition and overall increases the the fighting ability of the guild. This looks like fun haha.

  10. I’m not sure how I’m going to implement this, but we can slowly do this in stages. I’m hoping this will set us apart from other guilds. But it will be damn cool if each squad have their own identity.

    Say for example, if Panty’s one of the squad leader and his squad members are all bloody thirsty pvpers or say Crimz’s like the sage and his members are very analytic and all. Lol. Okay that’s damn bleach.

  11. LOL

    Faction leader has no ‘zero-ban tai’

  12. Looks like Abarai will have to attempt to enter from rukongai and then attempt to kill his squad captain…

  13. ooo….can i go bankai D:?

  14. ok im just joking but definitely a very detail structural enforcement. Actually, this might prove even useful on boss raids or GVG.

  15. so.. will there be a squad made up entirely of scouts? lol

  16. @silvercrimz yeah that’s why this is mainly for. otherwise it’s going to be a huge mess when those thing starts

    @pokethefox Lol, don’t tell me you want to be part of the medic squad.

  17. hi i wana be zaraki kenpachi but i also want a bankai fwckkk

  18. Will there be vaizard/arrancar-like squad? Or would that be like the Faction leader level already? =)

    Jk jk.

    Anyhow I’d like to join Yakisoba, question tho, who do I contact to enlist on the 20th of May?

  19. Eeek nvm I just missed out reading the lower part of the “Joining Yakisoba” earlier, sorry for that.

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