Posted by: tsubaki | May 9, 2007

You want a piece of Yakisoba?


I quite happy to say that we Yakisoba, have constantly set benchmarks that have inspired other guilds to adopt, modify and apply it into their own guild.

Well let’s set our next benchmark. By the 20th of May 2007, 4 days after the official launch of pOBT, all members are expected to hit at least Level 40. We will proceed with our faction recruitment from that day on and the basic requirement will be Level 40 and of course, the usual 5,000 vis entrance fee. I’ll increase the basic level requirements as the guild grows.

So for those who are interested to join us, come to us on the 20th with a level 40 character, and we’ll talk.

6 more days to the launch!

PS: All Yakisoba members, please read this.

PSS: I will be updating the guild pages this week with fresh information, together with the confirmed structure plan as well as how we will go about with it. So meanwhile, please be patient about it.


  1. yosh! Okies. Wakata. Will start resting on sunday. 😛


  2. should be done! , maybe lvl 45 will do also ^^ nothing is impossible! 😛

  3. i will be 60 by than

  4. yes sir

  5. Level 40 in 4 days LOL

    Thats snail-pace

  6. Lvl 40 in 4 days, I’ll do that =O

  7. Just another question, if I may…

    Will the date be May 20th, GMT+8?

    since I live in GMT -4, and I’m 12 hrs behind..

  8. Sounds good. lv 40 in 4 days is kinda relaxing for some zombies among us :E

  9. I love fried noodles. ^_^ Luckily, Lv40 in 4 days won’t be such a hard task to complete.

  10. omgf i hope i still can reach that lvl SLOWLY lol

  11. […] a hardcore MMORPG player looking for a guild, then you might want to check out my guild’s recruitment. I’m the leader of Yakisoba, one the biggest and most pwnage guild during CBT, and […]

  12. hi pvping buttie EviL

  13. I wonder if anyone got up to level 30’s already by now? ^_^

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