Posted by: tsubaki | May 12, 2007

Yakisoba Forum Notice

Attention all Yakisobans, please note that I will be wiping the forums tomorrow (instead of the 14th like I originally planned). Kindly back up whatever necessary information you require. This wipe is to ensure that our forums will start on a clean slate together with pOBT, as well as a member list reset. Please note that I will bring the forum down for down maintainence for a couple of hours so I can get things sorted out.

Once the forums is up, all former CBT members please re-register yourself again. But please register your chosen family name as your forum account name. This is to ensure that there will be no confusion with the other members. As soon as you have registered, please leave a message either here, or on the lobby forum (I will create a thread for you to post) stating who you are and I will validate you.

As soon as you are validated, you will have access to the inner forums.

New members who are planning to join Yakisoba please take note: You will not be accepted into the forums until you have been formally accepted into Yakisoba. That would mean in simple english: Level 40 + 5,000 vis + Yes from Tsubaki. So I would suggest you register later since your if your account do not get validated in a week, it will be deleted off the server.

That will be all for now. Just 2 more days to go now. I hope everyone will hang in there!


  1. 2 more days…. feel like 2 more years =/

  2. Ashes , you need to like come MIRC , everyone is gathering there already

  3. Hey there!
    Just wanting to say hi to everyone since i’m new in this community!

  4. lol what ?

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