Posted by: tsubaki | May 13, 2007

Restructing the Yakisoba purpose

After a mole has crept into our forums and IRC channel, I have been forced to learn to be less trusting of people. This is very unfortunate because I have always enjoy the company of other players, but apparently a single player does not respect boundary rules. Instead of wasting time playing Infernal Affairs with that mole, I have discussed with some core members and we will decided to review our structure and recruitment plans.

Yakisoba Members
Firstly, Yakisoba will no longer accept all former CBT Yakisoba members into the guild. This is because we have come to a consensus that while most of us have made the effort to maintain ties via the forums and IRC, a number of you have not, and thus your are as good as a stranger to us. If you wish to return, kindly contact me and I will review your case. There a a couple of members out there that I would love to have back, but because of your inactiveness, I am unable to list you as a core member.

The following Yakisoba members will be considered as core members, and their access to Yakisoba will be immediate in pOBT:

Cage, SilverCrimz, Voyage, Hype, Ashes, Opelxfrost, Kuchiki, Sabre, Keitaro, Lyre, Tohsaka, Sinistral, Testarossa, Hellsing, Yuki, Huang, Luciora, Lowell, Sagitis, Evil, Kelv, Alex, Sora, Jay and Jae.

These core members will make up the bulk of the elite Yakisoba players. You are required to hit level 60 by the 20th of May. I understand that some members may have school, but don’t worry, we will help cover each other in our usual squad parties. You may register at the new forum now with your preferred family name and I will validate you.

We have a couple of extra ppOBT passes that we have won and we will to distribute it to all core members and you will be able to start together with the rest of the guild.

Players interested in Joining Yakisoba
Players who are interested to join us, the requirements stays the same. However, our cap will continue to increase by the day due to in order to keep the standards of Yakisoba up. It is also good if you can join our channel on the IRC or on the forums and introduce yourself. Leave us a good impression and we will welcome you to our family.

There are a number of candidates that we have identified from our IRC channels, and those players will definitely join us as soon as they meet our requirements.

Yakisoba Structure

Yakisoba’s guild structure will only be implemented when we have which an optimal amount of members where such a system will aid the guild efficiently in GVG and Boss Raids. Core members will be considered as senior members in pOBT.

Meanwhile, all members please keep a look on for your potential squad captains.

Yakisoba Goals, Directions and Aggression Policies
A couple of people have mentioned to me that they are not clear with some of our policies, so allow me to announce all of this formally on black and white. Yakisoba is a hardcore guild. We play hard, work hard and laugh hard together. While we have a rigid hiereachy system, we are a family and our guild channel and chats always reflect our bond with each other. We will focus mainly in Colony War, GVG events, PVP events and Boss Raids.

Our goal is to be the best, and nothing less.

I will also formally announce that we are at the moment, Neutral with all factions. Whatever badblood that we had with existing CBTs factions will be wiped clean. We intend to start on a new slate for the pOBT, and will not carry any grudges. But I believe as we develop later into the game, there will be more competition and guild rivalry will be inadvertent and things will change.

Since competition is necessary in order to achieve power, we will welcome all challenge. May the best guild rule Vespola.


  1. Hi tsubaki I don know whr to leave msg so I do it here 😛

    I’m Aragon in CBT ( Dun know u remember me or not =.=’) , now I’m back. Previously I busy with others online game b4 the POBT launch. Im using USF nick in POBT. Er…. can I join back to Yakisoba?

    em… I like Ramen…

  2. Ah Aragon. I remember you. Yes of course, you are welcome back. But can you take up the new goal? Join us in the irc. I’ll add you to the forums. Also, do u know who is USFCommando?

  3. i thought you said i could be a Core member too?

  4. Sry the USFCommando was wrong nick , Can eliminate this nick : p

    I was taken 2 days off (im working adult) just for GE…… I think should be np for the new goal. But Im planning to use wizard. So maybe abit slow at the beginning. I will install the IRC and try to join u all. cheers..v

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