Posted by: tsubaki | May 14, 2007

The Eve of pOBT

Okay Yakisobans, this is it.

Tomorrow is the big day. For the few that cannot start with us tomorrow, it is most unfortunate, but we will meet up again. I’ll be grinding full speed and I’ll get Yakisoba up. I hope everyone has begun organizing their mini squads of 2-3 players.

Your pobt validation codes will work at 10am tomorrow, so wake up at 9.30am, validate that little bitch and wait for the floodgates at 12pm. Oh and get a good night rest too. I wish the best to everyone. I hope to see everyone in the Tetra area at around 3pm? Lol.




  1. Can I join @ tetra too?

  2. Mind if I join your little squad of 2-3’s ? 😀

    I’ll be planning to play for 7 hours straight XD

  3. Gl yaki ^ -^v lv fast la

  4. I wonder if any of you had got up to level 30’s already? ^_^

  5. grinding is driving me mad.

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