Posted by: tsubaki | May 18, 2007

Yakisoba Guild Notice

Alrighty, here’s a couple of notices for Yakisoba members. The goddamn in-game faction notice isn’t working so that why I have to resort to posting it here. Gah.

Firstly, those who have yet to pay your 5,000 vis to me, please do so before Sunday. I really hate chasing for money, so you better take the initiative to come to me. Oh and if you can, please chip in some extra donations. We’ll need some more money to expand the guild.

Our faction level currently level 31, but I do hope to be able to increase it to 51 so we can have access to the other guild features.

Also this Sunday, I’ll be creating a thread in our forum and I will need everyone to report their current levels. So for those who have not gotten a forum account yet, please register for it now.

As for this Sunday’s recruitment, I’ll post our latest requirements by Saturday. There might be some changes.


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