Posted by: tsubaki | May 18, 2007

Yakisoba Recruitment updates

Just a light update on what’s happening in Yakisoba.

After adding in some old CBT members, some new talents and a handful of females (who I must say, are impressive gamers), we have ballooned to 46 members. Yakisoba is in no hurry to expand the guild at the moment, so our planned recruitment on the 20th might changed a little.

Most of the our members with ppOBT passes are deep in Jezebel now, and I dare say we’ll be moving out of that place tomorrow. There’s definitely going to be a huge gap between those that started on the 17th and those on the 15th, and all I can say is that we’ll only be picking the best from the 17th to join our ranks.

I know this is disappointing to hear for those who really want to be part of the Yakisoba family, but fret not- There will be another opening soon. Just train hard, and introduce yourself on our IRC channel. There are already some people who have joined us even before the 20th because they have taken the initative to introduce themselves to us and have left us a very good impression.

However, Pm-ing me in the game won’t impress me at all. I’m constantly levelling and last thing I need is to die while trying to reply. I’ve stop replying to people these days because Porto Dungeon’s just too dangerous, so just leave your pm on the IRC instead. I’ll reply once I’m resting or something.

And I want to apologise to those that I have not replied to. I hope you’ll understand. =)



  1. SG player, level 40 chanter looking for legion.

    Plays a lot (too much), trying to reach 42 before pvping, but very much involved in siege and group pvp activities.


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