Posted by: tsubaki | May 19, 2007

Major internal guild reshuffle

The hierachy system will be reshuffled, after recieving imputs regards raids from our GE Sages (Lol). The old system is too rigid is will not help at all. I’ve chosen to adopt a more flexible system to boost up our effectiveness. I must admit that raids were not entirely considered when I first planned out the original hierachy system.

The new Yakisoba system will be like this:

Squad captains will no longer have a permanent squad. Instead I will employ Captains specializing in Raids or GvGs. They will have the power to organize squads and will lead the members in their way. This way, the most strongest members will be made avaliable to these Captains, instead of the older squad layout where they might be stuck with members that are of lower levels (and thus not useful to them in GvG or Raids).

Also, we will be introducing a point system for guild raids. It is currently being discussed here on the forum, and members might want to have a glimpse of what is installed for you. This point system will allow members to have priority to raid items based on their contribution to the guild. The more you contribute to the guild, the more the guild returns to you.

Thus in light of this, I’ll be resetting all Senior members back to members. Senior members should be players with high level of contribution to the guild, not because they were part of Yakisoba in CBT. However, I have no intention of downplaying these CBT members’ loyalty. You will be given points for being part of Yakisoba CBT, afterall, it is you guys that made Yakisoba who we are today. I’m still working out the little details needed for this, so hang on for now.

For our first batch of Captains, I will pick them based on their skills and experience. I have been observing everyone for a while and I will speak to you personally and ask if you want this position. Squad Captains need to be dedicated to their position. It’s not just a simple title to flaunt around, since they will be working very closely with me. Do note that only first batch of leaders will be pick like this. When the guild expands, new leaders will be elected via voting.

After much discussion with some members, Recruits will no longer be allowed access to the inner forums until they are confirmed as members. This is to prevent guild information from being leaking out. We take our guild secrets and our privacy very seriously, especially what has happened recently. Thus, Lisa’s Cafe forum will be shifted out to the lobby section where recruits will be able to communicate with the other members on it.

That’s it for now. I will be posting the news of the confirmed Captains as soon as I have spoken to them all.


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