Posted by: tsubaki | May 19, 2007

Yakisoba Promotions.

I have personally picked a few members whom I feel have the ability to lead Yakisoba in their respective roles, and I will proudly introduce them. These people are your new Vice leader and Squad Captains:

Vice Faction Leader:

Role: Assist faction leader in updating faction site, forums and warchest and point system. Has access to guild bank account.

The Vice Faction leader has to be extremely trust worthy, and I must say that I can even trust Crimz with my life. We have been playing many MMORPGs together for close to 5 years and he is very capable.

GVG Squad Captains:

Role: Form parties for GVGs and lead members accordingly. Communicates with Faction leader on which Colony to conquer.

This doesn’t come as a suprise for many. Yakisoba’s deadiest PVPers have a lot of experience in fighting. They are still a little raw on the edge for GVG, but they are being currently being trained by a jGE GVG vetran.

Raid Squad Captains:
chii (also plays Vinch)

Role: Organize guild raids on bosses. Forms parties with members and collects all Boss raid loots after defeating them. Submits all items to either Faction leader or Vice for recording, which will then be loaned out to members.

While these two members have been relatively new to Yakisoba, they have proved their worth with their wealth of experience in Boss Raids in jGE/kGE. chii is also responsible for suggesting the point system which will greatly benefit the Yakisoba. Ultimately, we want to equip all our members with the best equipments out there, and these Raid Captains will help.

I would also like members to understudy these leaders, as we will need more GvG/Raid Captains as Yakisoba grows. I also need more foreign Raid Captains so that we maty be able to organize round the clock raids.

And also, future Squad Captains will be nominated and elected by members instead. So contribute more to the guild and prove your mettle to your peers!

Also, the following recruits have been promoted to Members:

Let’s congratulate all of these people!


  1. GRATZ GRATZ to all, especially to crimzama lolz


  2. congrats~~~!!

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