Posted by: tsubaki | May 21, 2007

Yakisoba entry requirement increased


Yakisoba has increased the level requirement to Level 45. This is because the average level range in the guild has increased. Our highest member stands at Level 60 now. Interested players are required to have all 3 characters at level 45, and nothing less.

Female gamers interested in joining Yakisoba are also now expected to have at least 30 levels. This is because we have been receiving too many level 10 requests. We are expecting our female counterpart to be active gamers at least.

Please understand that Yakisoba believes firmly in quality and not quantity, thus the evergrowing level requirement. For those who still want to be part of this family, fret not. Grind hard, and you will see fruits in it.

The registration counter over at our forums now accept applications without the need to register. Please leave your details there and you will be contacted in game shortly.

After much consideration, Lisa’s Cafe board is removed from the public eye. Recruits will have no access to the inner forums whatsoever until they are confirmed.



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