Posted by: tsubaki | May 26, 2007

Yakisoba News

Just a couple of updates. Yakisoba’s entry requirement has been increased to Level 48. We will increase this to 52 some time next week, depending on the overall levelling speed of the guild. The requirement for girls has been upped to Level 40, this probably won’t change for a while.

We’ve got quite a number of new recruits now. Hopefully they will settle in nicely, so everyone please be nice to them.

Also, mad props to Hellsing, Kuchiki and rei for hitting Level 7x. These guys are insane! Somebody stop them! As for the other Yakisoba members who are hitting the Level 6x region, all the best with your new found vunerability- Baron mode enabled!

EDIT: I almost forget to mention this, but congrats to Lionheartz for being the first Catherine owner! All the best in levelling up that killer doll machine!

This coming Monday will also be promotion day for some of our recruits. All recruits are kindly urged to post their levels here, so that we can assess your levelling speed. Do note that you will need to register for an account first to be able to see and post in this board.

As for the other Yakisoba members, all the best in your levelling. Do continue to update your levels here. Cervantes’s first Colony war is drawing close, and every level counts. We have no intention of expanding in large numbers, so your levels are important. Do note that your GVG Captain RavaNa, will be organizing GVG trainings next week onwards. The dates can be found here, so please check it out. All members are highly encouraged to attend these training sessions.

RavaNa has also requested that members engage each other in duels to practice and sharpen your MCC controlling ability. Try to get someone within your level and duke it out. If you need tips, you can always consult him, Voyage or even Grimmway.

The Guild bank and point system is almost finalized. I will be listing out the full version of it soon. The point system blue print has been heavily discussed between Vice leader Crimzama, Raid Captains chii and Defrance, as well as myself, and I daresay it’s truly a very feasible system.

That will be all for now. Happy grinding everyone!


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