Posted by: tsubaki | May 27, 2007

More Yakisoba annoucements

More catherine ownerships! The dolls are getting resurrected like nobody’s business! Congrats to Hellsing and Voyage for getting her! Bernelli, our resident Grace fan, has taken a slightly different route- He went STR Catherine! Congrats to him for being the first STR Catherine owner!

Also, big shoutouts to Hellsing and Kuchiki for hunting our first Level 72 LoE bracelet. As part of the giving spirit of Yakisoba, the first member to have a Level 72 warlock wins this bracelet. Let the sleepless night grinding begin!

We’ll hunt more bracelets for the other warlock owners, so don’t worry fret too much about it. However, this time on we will give priority to players who have contributed the most to the guild.

Also, tomorrow marks our Recruit Promotion Day, so all recruits are expected to post their levels here, and your levelling speed will be assessed.

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