Posted by: tsubaki | May 31, 2007

Yakisoba Raids Level 90 Boss + other news

Greeting all Yakisoba members, I hope everyone is doing well. The guild is growing strong and I am pleased to say that everyone is doing well to keep Yakisoba a strong and yet closely knitted faction.


2 days ago, we raided our first Level 90 boss. chii summoned a Level Sabel Tiger at the Queens Gate.That little bastard took us quite some time to kill. It’s nice to see how the teamspirit going with people ressing scouts as soon as they fall and players volunteering to cast Protection Field on our tankers. They say teamwork is forged on the battlefield. Judging from this raid, I’d say we won’t have any problems with other bigger bosses in time to come!

chii has upload a short portion of the raid, and you can watch it on Stage6 here. It’s the early part of the raid and it’s not the complete video because the server crashed half way when we were killing that boss. Gah.

All members, if you have more pictures of the raid, kindly share it on the forum. You can post it here.

Also, all members do check out our lovely Yakisoba girls’ pictures at the forum, and post your own pictures too. It’s alway nice to know the real face behind the polygons, so hit us with your best mugshot.

Recruits, fret not. The next promotion day will be sometime next week. Spend more time interacting with the other members. Gain their trust and level fast, and you’ll join our ranks in no time.

Also on a short note, Yakisoba has enough members for now. We won’t be recruiting new players until we reduce the size of our recruits. However, if you are above Level 60, you may try applying to enter Yakisoba. We won’t turn away good players.



  1. wow its really exciting >.

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