Posted by: tsubaki | June 7, 2007

Yakisoba Updates

Today’s server maintainence is rather long (8am to 6pm), so I’ll take this opportunity to give my computers some rest. So our teamspeak server will be down until 4 or 5pm (depending on what time I wake up, lol).

You can use the our IRC channel to communicate with the other members, or our own forum. Good luck in finding something to kill for the next 10 hours. I’m gonna use my 10 hours to catch up on sleep. Recruits who have recently been promoted to member status, please introduce yourself here, post a picture of yourself here (and feast on our Yakisoba babes pictures too) and read the Colony war briefing here.

I’ve also finished designing the emblem for Yakisoba, this will be the emblem that we will be adopting:

I’m not sure how small the emblem will be in game, but here’s the 100×100 version:

IF I wake up early later on, I’ll design some new banners and sigs using the new emblem for everyone. That’s IF I do wake up before the server starts. No promise. Heh.

Alright, sleep time. おやすみなさい~


  1. omg so ero lol

  2. Yakisoba… We Love Breast


  3. love the curves.

  4. how about a nice bowl of yakisoba?

  5. Konoha got Ichiraku Ramen.
    Cervantes got Tsubaki Yakisoba.

  6. Papa and Yakisoba owns

  7. u call yakisoba babes? or yakis pig… omg pui! yakisoba sux

  8. good art ? very original

  9. tats some sexy emblem u got there

  10. drool *glup

  11. Jealousy gets you nowhere. =)

  12. How about resizing the boobs? 😡

  13. Wow… Was this done digitally? Or drawn and scanned in?

  14. What does yakisoba have to do with a sexy girl figure? D:

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