Posted by: tsubaki | June 8, 2007

Non-Aggressive Pact with GoD

I was talking to Nobility today, after he expelled two botters from his guild. It seems like we were under the wrong impression that all GoD members are botters. Nobility and I have cleared the misunderstanding between both guilds, and we have agreed on to take on a Non-Aggressive Pact (NAP).

All members are to NOT PK or KS any GoD members. Like wise, GoD will refrain from doing so as well. However, should a GoD member be suspected of botting, kindly inform me so that I can address this to Nobility. Nobility himself is against botters and hackers, and he wishes to keep GoD clean.

All Yakisoba members, I’ve also added a Treaty page on our blog, kindly check it out so be aware of our friendlies. I don’t want to see another situation when we accident PK an ally because of ignorance. We own an apology to Brie of RakiChanneru for the accidental PK last night.


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