Posted by: tsubaki | June 10, 2007

Cervantes’s first Lvl 100 player- Hellsing!

Yakisoba congrats Hellsing, for being the first Lvl 100 player in Cerventes. It took Hellsing 26 days to hit 100. I’m not sure if he broke Cage’s CBT record, but well done! Yakisoba’s proud of you!

Having said that, I believe another 2 more players will be hitting the ceiling tomorrow. This is a very exciting period for us. I hope the rest of our members will be inspired by them and continue grinding! We’ll hit all Lvl 100, even when the Skull Dungeon’s not opened because of a stupid Ustiur bug.


  1. gratz baldie xD banzai to u

  2. Jesus christ, Well done! Now go get some rest.

  3. OMG Can Bankai Liau Ka?

  4. Jebus Price! Gratz Hellsing! You define the true meaning of being “hardcore”.

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