Posted by: tsubaki | June 11, 2007

It’s a baby boy! Kuchiki’s Lvl 100!

We’re on a rolling spree. The Yakisoba Grind Factory just churned out another Level 100 player. Yakisoba’s favorite Policeman, Kuchiki just hit Lvl 100 a few hours after Hellsing. Totally awesome!

And his celebration was certainly met with quite a little bit of e-drama. Hahaha, it’s completely entertaining that scythedeath choose to crash our little well wishes broadcast barrage. We all can’t wait for that lovely gentleman to hit Family Level 6!


  1. gratz again to the next lvl100 player, the server started less then a month lol


    Congratulations and salutations! The whole guild is jubilant on your accomplishment.

    To all those who oppose us, I bade them “goodluck”.

  3. aww sorry for the crash, makes me wanna cry, so e-drama, well was just having fun with you guys, seems you guys dont know fun, and what are lameness and happiness, you guys must learn to play with other people rather than your own people or only the high lvl people, you noobs.

    like the proverb says: noobs will be noobs

    please think abou it.

  4. kuchiki 万歲!! 哎呀,又只疯狗在吠啊~~??!! 它的主人是谁啊??!!为什么这只疯狗在这里?? o.O

  5. Scythe, you were a terrible faction leader, and an even worse person.

  6. Levithian faction (formerly death_scythe)
    “Wont say much but this is a listing of us:
    1) Requiements: None
    2) Lvl required: None
    3) Region: anywhere, but more SG people are wanted
    4)Colony siding: None (for now)
    5)Intetions of faction: Warring, Raiding, Ensuring GE is a safe place to play in.
    6)Why join our faction: We are going to take down Yakisoba, WAARGH!
    7)What makes our faction different from the rest: We go around helping the newbies out and ensuring that PKers will be hunted down to prevent families from being PKed.”

    Vote scythedeath for Cervantes #1 Joker

  7. You’re assuming that yakisoba doesn’t help the newbies and lower levels.
    Glad to say, you’re painfully wrong, whoever you are.

  8. Wootz… Go scythe… My bullshit master… =D ~
    Dotz.. Yakis.. watch ur words man… Levithians are bringing u down… Somehow o.o Come on… Levithian is a very open faction… At least u gotta admit that ;D

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