Posted by: tsubaki | June 11, 2007

Yakisoba member expectations

Yakisoba’s recruitment is closed at the moment. We are assessing our new recruits before deciding whether they are up to our standards. However, when we do reopen our recruitment again, please take note that our basic requirement would be Level 72 for all 3 characters. This applies as well to female gamers.

Also, it has come to my attention that some of the new recruits (and even some members) are totally clueless as to what’s required of them in Yakisoba. I will now list it below:

– Yakisoba is strictly anti-botting. We have zero tolerance for botters and we will not hestiate to kick you out and place you on our KOS list. Giving us excuses like a friend plays your account and doesn’t know how to read english won’t save you.

– There are compulsory Guild trainings every night that members have to attend. It is held daily from 10pm to 11pm at Auch Channel 3. Read the guild notice to find out which Level group will be having the training session for the day. At the moment, we are giving training to our 6x and 7x members. 8x and above are exempted at the moment, but we will resume once we have sufficient players.

– All members are expected (READ: COMPULSORY) to download Teamspeak and use it during trainings, colony wars and raids. You can download the client and get our Teamspeak IP here. Recruits who don’t have access to the forum, please ask around in game for it. Learn to take initiative. Having a mic is not 100% compulsory, but if you can, please buy a headset.

– Read the guild forum like the bible. Important news and plans are always posted there. Introduce yourself there, post pictures of yourself, etc.

– Grind. We would like more members to leave the 6x region. We’ve grown attached to everyone already, and it would be very unfortunate if we have to remove you because you are not actively playing. However, if you have any issues with reality, feel free to contact Tsubaki or Crimzama. We are understanding slavedrivers people.


  1. Strict, yet, it’s the way that it should be.

  2. gah guess i wont be able to join yaki… grind too slow.. T_T oh.. the burdens of a sec 4…

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