Posted by: tsubaki | June 11, 2007

YakiSpotlight: Salty-nee chan!

Starting from today, we’ll be introducing some of our members to everyone out there checking out the Yakisoba blog. We may be crazy grinders but we certainly are real people too! And thus, let me present to everyone our first YakiSpotlight interviewee, the hot gamer chick, Salty!

Yakisoba: Alright Salty, tell me your real name.

Salty: Hi everyone, I’m Tiffany Peh.

Yakisoba: Now if you don’t mind, just how old are you?

Salty: 25

Yakisoba: So what’s your 3 characters now?

Salty: Musk Musk Scout

Yakisoba: Ah, the most common combo here at Yakisoba. So what’s your 3

Salty: WHAT?

Yakisoba: Er, oops. Mind the slip. I mean, your 3 character levels. Really.

Salty: …. 77 77 77

Yakisoba: Holy shit. No wonder they call you the Da Jie of Yakisoba. So are you working or school now?

Salty: Yeah I’m working now.

Yaksioba: Woah. A working gamer girl. Now that’s something. What other previous MMORPGs have you played?

Salty: I’ve played a lot of MMORPGs before. zMuD, Ultima Online, EverQuest, Shattered Galaxy, RedMoon, Helbreath International, Dark Age of Camelot, MUonline, KnightsOnline, GTH, Piratekingonline, Scions of Fate, sGE

Yakisoba: Shit. (That’s even more than me ._.) Now tell everyone, how often do you play GE daily?

Salty: It depends if im i have work that day or on leave or weekends. Workday i can only play 6 hours or less, the rest AFK.Weekends or leave can go to about 14 till i get dizzy then AFK

Yakisoba: Now that’s something. So, what’s your favorite GE character?

Salty: I dont know yet but i hope to get a Cath, still new to the game

Yakisoba: Catherine eh? I’m sure if you nudge hard someone will be willing to hunt her hips for you (secretly points at Hellsing). Heh. And your favorite GE town?

Salty: I think Coimbra is my fave.. its my current wallpaper

Yaksioba: Good choice! It’s my favorite town too. Now, how did you get into GE?

Salty: I was introduced by a guildmate from a previous game

Yakisoba: God bless him for you then. Now, what did you think of Yakisoba before you joined?

Salty: Frankly i never heard of it so i cannot comment, my friend told me to join this guild but apparently hes not playing the game now !! Pang seh !

Yaksioba: Oh that’s really too bad. I heard he was a really good player. Tyl from SRO eh?

Salty: Ya.

Yakisoba: Alright, now tell us- What do you think of Yakisoba now that you in?

Salty: The people are very warm in Yaki, not just because im a girl.. they are very nice to everyone despite of age, gender, or level. The Yakis are crazy too, can grind and grind and grind without sleeping… they only nap ! I am very sure Yaki is the best guild in this game, in skills, levels, and people -_=

Yakisoba: Awww. You just revealled our grinding secrets. Hahaha. Just kidding. Any shoutout message to the Yakisoba members before we end this interview (and get back to grinding)?

Salty: Yeah, I’ll like to thanks for guiding me along the way, teaching me how to pvp, lending me equipments, taking care of me and coming to my rescue when i am in trouble. Good luck to those people who are participating in the PvP tournament.. i place my bets on Ravana ! -_= hehehe! Grind hard every 1 ! Thank you!

ED Note: Salty is also responsible for starting Yakisoba’s Show’s your face thread, and has posted numerous pictures of herself. She has requested that her picture to not be shown here, so members, you may check it out on the forum (I bet everyone saw it already, but oh what the hell, lol).



  1. You go sis! =]]

  2. woot~!! woot~!! hawt babe xD suki da~! 😛

  3. Y( ^ _ ^ )Y

  4. Bravo, Queen of AFK. I wish my combo can’t AFK effectively like you. T.T

  5. young ? tick, cute ? tick Grinder ? tick ,funny ? tick hmm seems tsu foud his kontana

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