Posted by: tsubaki | June 13, 2007

Yakisoba Pwns Great Hill Giant


Just an hour ago, members of Yakisoba broke another record: The first to slay the Great Hill Giant, as part of the faction quest required to level the guild to Lvl 51. It was a rather impromptu raid decision, but everyone was amazingly organized and prepared.


Within minutes, everyone clicked and it didn’t take us long before we sent the Great Hill Giant crashing down to our feet. It was an incredible feeling for us; it was certainly an awesome moment for Yakisoba, made possible with everyone’s teamwork. Everyone, from the 10x to the 6x played their part exceptionally well. Whenever one member falls, watching 3 scouts running toward to ress is a very heartening sight. The teamwork was impeccable. I applaud all members for your fantastic work.

I’m also very happy to hear from some of our members that they found the daily GVG trainings beneficial in this raid. Everyone’s hard work has finally shown some result today, and I’m sure there’s more to come.


Unfortunately, it looks like we won’t be getting Lvl 51 faction any time soon. Lyndon (that bastard) wants us to go down to Prison 5 and raid another boss. And we’re gonna do that as soon as more you guys hit the 8x region. So do remember to save your Prison 5 warp.



  1. The GHG raid is so fun!
    I’m just glad I have 2 musk, shoot to kill~

  2. grats guys, wish i coulda been there.. Let’s get down in prison and do this quest! Lvl 51 guild gives +2 to family lvls right?

  3. Zomgwtfbbq, I R Salute J00. Ps, Gud luck with Colony Wars. I R trying hard to chase the requirement btw. Lol.

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