Posted by: tsubaki | June 14, 2007

Yakisoba trial war results: 8 colonies

I apologize for not being able to post this earlier, I was too busy grinding like crazy to take full advantage of the perks raked in from the trial war. But nevertheless, here’s the round up for last night’s war:

Click on the map to view a larger image

I am pleased to announced that we captured 8 colonies in yesterday’s trial war with just 50 active members. This makes us the only faction in the whole of Granado Espada to own this many colonies. Great job everyone! I am so proud of each and everyone of you. I want to thank all 4 Squad Captains (RavaNa, Voyage, Grimmway and Kuchiki) for leading their squads so effectively, as well as each and every Yakisoba member for taking this trial war seriously, even though we know it will be wiped the following day.

Our trainings and plannings has really paid off and we could see the extend of it in this war. It is unfortunate that we were unable to declare war on our factions because of a bug, but still, who’s complaining with the extra 12 hours of 55% HP boost from our Colonies. We were the thickest noodles around! Did I mention how my Scout was as thick as Claude? Hahah.


Also after the war, we had our first guild shoot at the beautiful Katovic Snowfield (misnamed on the map as El Tierra Blanco). That place is so beautiful and the music is fantastically haunting (I blame Andre for my sudden use of the the word fantastic). Unfortunately, my graphic settings were all on low when I took the screenies. I’m requesting for all members to post your screenshots on our forum! Especially those with max setting!

EDIT: A thread on the forum has been made. Kindly post all guild shoot screenies here.

Anyway, I can’t wait for the real war to start. This trial war only show a fraction of what Yakisoba is capable of pulling off. When the real war start, we won’t be holding back. Yakisoba banzai! ヤキソババンザイ!



  1. mine was in high settings and i posted in board liao

  2. You just gotta love the Japanese fried noodle army!

  3. wohooo love the snow field BGM

  4. awesome

  5. I think we could have a lot more than 8 if we are allow to declared war. T.T

  6. aww, 8 colonies, how nice. Well glad to know that there is a faction that actually puts 120% effort in something that will be wiped the next day, congrats you have my respect for being great in a useless way.

  7. […] broke last week’s record of 8 colonies by bagging 10 colonies! I’m totally blown away by our performance, a fantastic […]

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