Posted by: tsubaki | June 15, 2007

Zouk Raid Party – Last call!

Once again, a reminder for all members who will be attending the Zouk Raid Party this Saturday to confirm here. Lionheartz will be in charged of assembling everyone at Clarke Quay MRT station (at 1.30pm) before storming off (at 1.45pm) to break the beacon at Zouk. Please leave your mobile number with him. Don’t worry, he won’t send you lewd messages at night. I think.

Also, let’s wish the following Yakisoba members who will be competing in the PVP tourney good hunting: RavaNa, Voyage, Grimmway and Tsubaki from the Singapore side, and Crimzama, Sabre, cara and Nuub from the Malaysian side. The tourney’s flooded with Yakisoba members, but I don’t think everyone should be surprised at it. We aren’t a competitive guild for nothing.

But still I think the real fun is going to be our steamboat dinner at night. We gonna be dining with the Yakisoba chicks! Woo! Oh and make sure you have enough money to buy the boxset as well as pay for your dinner! Tsubaki’s only going to treat those that has hit Lvl 100 that day! 9xs, you have 1 more day to hit Lvl 100 to redeem a free dinner!


  1. FREE DINNER?! Shit I gotta grind up to 100..

  2. Free dinner? Fried noddle one plate for those lv90+ courtesy of Tsubaki.

  3. we cld just say we’re 100.. get him to treat and when he finds out .. its all… TOO LATE…


  5. wow…… know you guys are damn power………people are already queueing the day before already and you guys are only going there at 1.30pm……..damn power……….its ok………so much for being lifeless eh?

    coutesy of your no.1 fan: scythedeath, leader of Levithian

  6. scythedeath = baron….. Levithian = mass baron

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