Posted by: tsubaki | June 17, 2007

Yakisoba PVP Competition Ownage + Largest Guild Gathering

Firstly, let’s all congrats cara and nuub for winning first place in the GE raid party PVP competition! (Bastards each won a powerful desktop computer + 17″ LCD monitor) Also, the first runner up was bagged by RavaNa and Voyage (They won some retarded things- a skype phone and a webcam LOL). Anyway, Yakisoba bags 1st and 2nd place in the 1st ever Granado Espada SEA PVP tourney by completely bulldozing everyone with straight wins (including myself and Grimmway >.>) Guys, you’ve done us proud! The match between cara/nuub vs RavaNa/Voyage at the finals was completely insane. But it was quite relaxing the 4 Yakisoba members to go head on with each other, since we’ve been doing this for ages already.

Oh and if you want to know why RavaNa/Voyage lost, please poke fun at RavaNa for forgetting to equip his LoE bracelet. This is going to be a running joke in Yakisoba forever, and it will eventually become a legend for all members. Hahaha.

Also, I want to thank the 26 Yakisoba members that turned for the the Zouk Raid Party. The number far surpasses what I was expecting and I’m very proud of you guys to take the effort to come down despite the rain (Well, I bet your intentions are just probably wanting to buy the boxset… but that’s beside the point =x). It’s been really great meeting all of you, and I’m sure everyone has grown more closer to each other (anyone try to get to close to Aelesia, I’d kill ya).

The guild steamboat dinner at Marina South was really fun too, and I’m pretty sure we gave our Malaysian Yakisoba members a moment they won’t forget. Damn, I’m already missing those 4 goons already! Rest assured, we’ll be organizing more of such guild gatherings, and we are trying to make it into a monthly affair. So for those who were unable to turn up yesterday, fret not, there will be more of such chances.

And I’ve taken some pictures from the event and I’ve posted it on our guild forum here. Do check it out. And please do contribute if you took pictures too. Alright, I’m going to go sleep now. I’ve completely lost my voice. Anybody on TS now will not recognize me for sure.

(edited this whole post for grammar mistakes -.-” i blame the zouk night raid for this almost none readable entry)


  1. Damn. Even got a pc.
    Good job ;p

  2. Gratz Cara and Nuub !!!
    Gratz hype-chan for being the bravest warlock out there ( bare-hand ftw ) XD.
    Anyway the prizes still belong to Yaki, that’s good enough.

  3. Demote RavaNa & Voyage from Squad Captain & replace them with cara & nuub.

    Joking onlylah ^_^

    Dun PK me please… RavaNa & Voyage

  4. Ya!! Jas is MINE!
    I forbid tsu to bully her. Especially tsu!

  5. hihi elfin
    pls log in GE leh.

  6. yeh yeh, i see cara’s sidewinder, i also scared to step on his tail liao :p

    neways, yakisoba banzai~~!!!

  7. love you too, sarah.

  8. Congrats guys! Too bad i could not be there. I guess i’m the lowest lv now? Or kena kick alr? Lol. Meh. Time to wait 2 hours in transit hall. Be back soon.

    love. Lyre!

  9. wah first! Hmm so does this mean that you guys made one more step to noobness? COOL! rock on guys, you have earned alot of respect, from yourselves only, wish you guys lonely luck.

  10. lol u got mental problem bro.
    u’re cute.
    wanna be my puppy?

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