Posted by: tsubaki | June 18, 2007

Yakisoba News

Just a couple of news and reminders to start of the new week.

First off, we are no longer in a NAP agreement with GoD. There’s been too many skirmishes going on lately between the two factions, and I think it’s impossible for us to maintain the peace both Nobility and myself hope to achieve. Both of us has agreed to leave this agreement peacefully, with no hard feelings. While this agreement is gone, I do hope our fellow member will practice some level of restrain.

Secondly, GVG trainings are back again, after a 4 day hiatus due to the upcoming Zouk Raid party preparation and such. It’s the same deal, 10pm to 11pm at Auch chan 3, this time for our Level 7x and 8x. Attendence is compulsory, as usual. Also please make use of the Teamspeak.

Lastly, it has come to my attention that we have members with rather un-family-like attitudes towards other guild members. I will not tolerate people who are selfish and insist on making a quick buck of another member. Let me make it officially clear today, that if a member behaves in a selfish and greedy attitude, I will expel you from Yakisoba. We don’t need people like you. Each and every member in Yakisoba is to share and help each other like a family. This is my final warning.

Having said all of that, have a great week ahead, and happy grinding. I started work today and I will not be around in the mornings till noon, so if there are pressing matters which requires my attention, kindly speak to Crimzama or leave a message on the forums. Peace -.-v



  1. peace -.-v

  2. joy to the world, the angels sing, anyway good for you guys, one less person to ally you guys, and one more for me! WOOT! haha good luck guys on conquering whatever thats left, *cough* crap *cough*, have fun.

    from your no1 joker, scythedeath, leader of the famous Levithians

  3. lol..
    u’re such a fan of ours.
    always checking on our faction site. 🙂
    thank you for the support.

  4. pulling out weeds from the Yakisoba garden i see, kudos.

    TE’s having a few minor issues with some of dominions littl follower guilds, hopefully it’ll be cleaned up with little mess, anyway, catch you all in-game!

    Kasara family, TheEMPIRE

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