Posted by: tsubaki | June 21, 2007

Yakisoba’s Double Kill

Two insanely big news today. Firstly, IAHgames spring up a rather sudden Colony War on everyone, despite announcing that they would be suspending Colony War.

We were totally not prepared for this war, but we were able to get everyone into their squads and take their positions within 30 minutes. As soon as the war started, we did our best and we took as many as maps as we could with just less than 50 active members online.

And the result after this colony war:

Click on the image above to view a larger image.

We broke last week’s record of 8 colonies by bagging 10 colonies! I’m totally blown away by our performance, a fantastic job to all Captains and their squads! We have achieved our targeted goal and our reward- A sweet 65% HP boost to all Yakisoba members.

After the war, we decided to take full advantage of the extra hp boost and attempted the second part of the Lvl 51 faction quest. The second part of this mission is very very difficult and it makes slaying the Great Hill Giant look like child’s play. The 2nd part only allowed 30 Yakisoba members to participate.


Now this second part demands a lot of teamwork and coordination. Lots of instructions flying about Teamspeak and the guild chat, a lot of waiting and then followed by 2 insanely difficult bosses to kill.

Also, Yakisoba would like to thank the following members for participating in this successful mission: (In no order of merit) Sedai, Renji, Testarossa, Sabre, Ubiquitous, Hellsing, Mois, ahcongie, RavaNa, Crimzama, Grimmway, SEVEN, Mina, Lionheartz, Melteacohey, JaniceWong, LoK, Tsubaki, hIrOkI, Zin, Kuchiki, Defrance, Takeshi, Salty, Kazel, Keitaro, Ooyuki and cara.


If not for these Ladies and Goons, we would not have been able to complete this mission successfully. And having said that, we are also proud to announce that we are the first faction in sgGE to hit level 51! All our members have received a sweet +1 level to their family level, and Tsubaki gets a niffy aura:

Tsubaki, standing together with Yakisoba’s Number 1 Tanker, Kuchiki

Everyone in Yakisoba thinks that the aura looks like a float and Tsubaki looks like he’s going swimming. Hell, this aura certainly marks our biggest and greatest achievement so far as a family and every Yakisoba member deserves a big pat in the back.

You guys rocks! Keep the good job up!


  1. are u sure it’s in no order of merit.
    u purposely have to say that and put my name at the end isnt it!

  2. yakisoba for the win. 22 seconds remaining πŸ˜€

  3. Congratulations

  4. I was there! We really did a great job.

  5. lol. that screenie with the fly~ u can see i type ‘HUAT AH’. XD` good memories

  6. YiPPPEeeE

  7. haha leme guess, it wont be long till ur fan drop us a comment :/
    scy the cute fan.
    my puppy.

  8. Great job peeps. That such an intense and emotional battle πŸ˜›

  9. Wohoo great one guys i only participated in the war during guild quest i was having super lao sai ah well good job again!

  10. Congrats, I was on ready to go but then Tsubaki said in chat (a few times) That we couldn’t go due to no tank being online :S so i went to AFK lvl while I played a tourniment..

    Sucks that I missed it, But good job boys n galz.

  11. Very Good Job Guys, You Guys Make My Day Happy πŸ˜›

  12. Woohoo!

    … Tsu gets the float. >.>

  13. Damn i missed the fun lol~

    Great job guys~

  14. ダキソバ万歲!!!

  15. bah…. went off for part time work.. >.

  16. i think seven nearly cry

  17. So beautiful~ I helped out a little too~

  18. O.o Why would i cry.

    Anyways, good job to all members and those that stayed up so late to kill the boss.
    They should at least reward us with a mini float or something..

    Rock on!

  19. Salt on !

  20. LOL salt on. WE wANT ATK % BONUS TOO!

    workers go on strike !

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