Posted by: tsubaki | June 22, 2007

A rather unusual request

I’ve recieved this rather usual request from our biggest fan yesterday. I’m not sure whether I’m reading this correctly, but I’m going to try anyway- a faction leader is requesting that we pk his members. Seems like he was kicking up a lot sand again today, and honestly, I’m getting tired of his nonsense. So dear members, please take it from there.




  1. Could be an account theft? Or maybe internal dissent.

    In any case, you’ve got the chat logs on your side, so it’s only right to enjoy your rights to killing other players.

  2. Don’t know. But you mess with the wrong people, you get the wrong results.

    We know what you did last CBT, someone in PW is not happy.

  3. please do give us a refresh here. Whats PW? not to be rude or anything really….

  4. perhaps scythedeath was high and drugs and trying to say

    “please look for scythedeath and pk him, knock some sense into him please….”

  5. I think he is trying to taunt us because he know that we can’t declare war due to bug & his dumb mates & him not even family level 6 (I pressume), so we can’t PK them.

  6. Scythe is still not lvl 6? Tot she would have hit lvl 6 by now. – -lll

  7. 哦, 原来是只母狗啊? 还以为是什么大狼狗在乱吠呢。。。如是母狗就该滚回家帮主人看家吧或去街上找几只雄狗陪你疯吧。或许连它主人也放气了这只母狗??或许它在yakisoba乱吠是为了引人注目,然后他人可称它为桌越之剑(Granado Espada)最棒的流浪母狗??真是的。。。不知量力的家伙。。。就如螳螂挡牛车。。。

  8. rules were never my friend cuz i do what i like 😀

  9. watch ur words man… shish… u guys are just freaking bo liao O_Olll even ur biggest fan is just asking from u guys a nice lil request, what’s the biggie man… -_-

  10. Adel do you think some stranger/ or may be some freind comes to you and say “hey may you fuck me ?”

    Do you consider that person is normal ?

    I cant comprehend what kind of guild leader will say that.

  11. Please check what your own guild leader said in CBT. You know that some people should not be messed around with.

  12. Yes. He did say we are starting on a fresh slate.

    So why don’t you come out and just say what you really mean instead of beating around the bush.

  13. I am neither against you nor supporting you. Lets say I am someone who do not want to be involved but have to be invloved. Lets say I am someone who knows the situation but do not want to comment on it. Lets say I am one who knows but pretends not to.

    But I am glad that he said that your faction is starting on a fresh slate. However, I would urge your leader. Make that statement “we are starting on a fresh slate” more publicly known since there many still do not acknowlege/know that fact. One of them being my faction leader, your “biggest fan”. I believe there are many more.

    The damage done during CBT is terrible.


    we shldnt even bother to about whoever we pked imo

    so luckily im no leader XD

    survival of the fittest

    the strong pwns

    the weak shuts 😀

  15. Dear Bonsai,

    Thank you for your “Prophecy”. I’ll keep that in mind. Unfortunately, I am unable remember anything about your dear leader or this “damage done”. Whatever it is, he’s must really be really hurt by it and he’s probably depressed and seeing a doctor about it. But to be honest, I don’t care. If kicking dirt from the past is what your guild excels at, then you’re not really worth our time.

    Nothing’s more annoying than a loudmouth prat who can’t prove his salt. You can call us Yakisoba arrogant- sure we do boast, but we produce results. We get things done first, than talk about on our faction blog. If this annoys your leader and yourself, please stop adding hit counts to our site. This site function has always been a news site to update our members, and if you can’t handle it, don’t read.

    But if he’s interested in attempting to become my biggest enemy, please tell him to turn back and join the Carebear server. Because honestly, he’s nothing. Other than wasting his vis on broad of course. I think he’s got a Level 25 stance on that.

    Best Wishes,

    Leader of Yakisoba,

  16. Dear Tsubaki,

    I am asking my faction leader to take his medication. Thought you are right that there is no point dwelling in the past, maybe you forgot how a human mind ticks. People remember bad things better than good, and I would not deny I am not guilty of it but are you? Basically, I do view this as the root of the problem.

    I hardly care about the results of any factions in this game. You have your objectives, we have ours. You have yours, I have mine.

    You get the job done, I say you deserve bragging rights. I believe everyone agrees with that.

    As compared to you, I agree up to a certain extent that he is nothing. But remember, to me you are insignificant. There no doubt that he have a Level 25 stance on flamming his enemies.

    Honestly, I am not pleased with you due to a certain incident “which involves my colleague whom offered you something”. It is only through growing concern from my in game associates where I am now here to have a dialoge with you. So do you accept this relationship?

    Warm Regards,

    Leviathian Internal Liaison,

    P.S. HypE, you make a good warrior in Yakisoba. Unfortuantely, I do not believe that we will ever cross swords with one another. Especially with time running out on my side.

  17. sorry im just going out of my way to enjoy the game lol

  18. er.. very sry to intrude in this but im a little curious.. wad happened at cbt?

  19. Hmm well this is scythedeath talking, seriously this time, well about what happened in CBT, the main reason, whether you like it or not, that we dont like you guys is that your mouth is a little too big, you guys shout and say everything that comes into your way, and it was getting irritating, plus you guys bragged SO much in CBT that most of the CBT members got fed up and decieded to give up on you guys.

    I am here to show my feelings, whether you guys bother or not, that i am trying to show how you guys were like during CBT, please try to understand that even I dont like doing this cause its just not my style, sure you can say we dont fucking care but some of us do, and even some of your own faction members, so please show some modesty and dont be so proud or you are really going to lose out.

    As I said, GE is all about the community, and apparently you guys are not really in it, so pls show more participation.

  20. If im not mistaken, Yakisoba was one of the foremost guilds in creating CBT events. Dance competition, Hrin’s Rescue Mission and the ’15 v 15′.

    Most people there enjoyed the events we created.

    How those that show non-participation and a lack of community?

  21. Sagitis (16:38:47) :

    Adel do you think some stranger/ or may be some freind comes to you and say “hey may you fuck me ?”

    Do you consider that person is normal ?

    I cant comprehend what kind of guild leader will say that.

    Dear Sagitis,
    Well… Firstly, mind your manners. Although we may have a freedom of speech, some words are not meant to be used here, afterall, this is not a private blog, unless you would want to show the world how limited is your use of the english language.
    Secondly, we use the term “faction” and not “guild”. This is granado Espada afterall. I would appreciate if you would use the right terms, as this is not some Maple game.
    Thirdly, I’d suggest if you have any personal grudges against me, please do not take it out here. It’s very insulting to say some words here. Especially to people of my gender.
    Lastly, I’m sure that people have reasons for their own actions, which includes scythedeath. I’m sure he has his own reasons.
    Well, this is not personal.
    Anyway, scythe, I know that I’m a very “luo suo” person… Thanks fer the compliment~ Haha“` ;D

    With sincere regards,
    Levithian Member

  22. To scythedeath,
    Mind your language as well =D

    To Tsubaki,
    I am sure you’re an understanding person and I also have to admit that my faction leader has a “Level 25 stance on flaming his enemies”.
    However, I would appreciate if you would educate some of your faction members in terms of their vocabulary. Well, this is the famous yakisoba faction afterall. I do expect at least some dignified use of the English language.
    Well, sorry to intrude on your little conversation here, I know I can be a real pain. But fer now, Ciaos~

    Sincerest Regards,

    Levithian Faction Member

  23. Dear Adel,

    I’m sorry, but who are you to educate us?



  24. To Adel,

    For someone who trolls in other people’s guild blog/site, i don’t see why you have the right to somehow “educate” us on proper manners and speech.

    And also, if you want to “educate” us on this, please firstly, “educate” your dear guild leader on this, check his comments on the other topics on the site please.

    And lastly, I would like to remind you that this is, afterall, a guild blog/site, if you really want to dish out or exhibit your guild’s crude remarks and behaviour, I really suggest you take it somewhere else. Your co-operation will be deeply appreciated.

    Yours sincerely,

  25. HI LEVI.

  26. hello, I’m not really a big person in GE, just known amongst my own friends, thast beside the point though. I’ve got a very good judge of character, have done all my life, and I can clearly see the each member and Yakisoba in it’s entirety is supporting the community and in fact making other peoples gaming experiences better.

    i haven’t read any of the extensive comments to this, i just breezed past and can’t beleive there are people who have such a pathetic grudge against yakisoba.

    some children need to grow up, realise it’s a game.

    anyway, keep up the good stuff Yaki’s, the GE community appreciates it.

  27. Demarthl

    Your nick sounds familiar… forums? lol. But anyways… thanks for giving ur prespective on yaki. Well… from my point of view… yakis have been actively supporting sGE… be it in-game events, forums, or in any other forms wadsoever.

    To all

    Oh and btw… i’m kinda amused with the tons of replies that we’re getting =P makes me wonder how many people patronize our blog every single day… lol!

    Cheers to ya all
    Have a wonder GE experience

  28. Thanks fer ur comments on my lil view/ opinion… Especially from Tsubaki, it’s an honour that you actually bothered replying my lil comment =D

  29. Hey Yakis. Just your local noob starting out in the game. I’m not much for politics, but I want to let you guys know I support you and cheer you on whenever you make your big achievements. I for one, enjoy seeing the scrolling text that reveals what new things you’ve accomplished for the day. It’s a new game, and people are still unlocking things in it. Be proud that you’re the first to do so much. Hopefully I’ll see you in game when I get a higher level.

  30. yuckysoba are full of craps, broad craps, whinning craps, especially tsubaki.. biatch in disguise.. with all his cute acting broad Phui ~~

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