Posted by: tsubaki | June 22, 2007

Yakisoba Promotions

And the next round of member promotions is here again. Let’s congrats the following recruiting for becoming full members.


New members, your forum accounts has been validated. Do remember to post an introduction and even a picture of yourself to the Yakisoba family. You also no longer have to post your levels on the Recruit Den. Kindly post it on the member’s forum here. Bunny, I still do not know which is your forum nickname, kindly contact me and let me know it so I can validate your account.

Also, I would like to remind all members to update their levels. I will need to access our guild overall levels before determining our next level cap for recruits. Hint hint.


  1. im still far from the level req T______T

  2. ^ oops that was me

  3. LOL rei and reira big diff

  4. o.O gratz gratz

  5. Gratz Boys and Girl~

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