Posted by: tsubaki | June 24, 2007

Baron King- RavaNa

Yakisoba’s biggest PK king went on a PK-ing spree last night. I think he got too high and forgot to stop. As a result, he became the first person to obtain Level 5 Baron, incurring 100038 Baron Points. It’s a pity that the Baron Quests aren’t implemented yet. Otherwise RavaNa could well be on his way to collect some really nifty Baron-only items.

Anyway, check this out:


PS: I think his family reputation really suits him as well- 444 means ‘Die Die Die’ in Chinese. Hahahaha.




  2. oh no… doesn’t this pinpoint the culprit for the sudden loss of 15 levels? lol… sicko

  3. Ken-chan -.-” *Double slap and a dealy kick* DIE!
    Why didn’t you let Yachiru see all the shows TT;

  4. it doesnt matter ; Its all directed to Dominion’s sole culprit xXMiRaCleXx !!!


  5. Who lost 15 levels? O_O

  6. Ravana you did this to one who was 1x levels below you and who was afking. you couldnt even kill miracle thats why you went after someone who was low level and afking … gg your e-peen grew by 10inches but your real one shrunk (if it can get any smaller?)

  7. don’t be a hypocrite. your statement above also applies to miracle and rerenge.

  8. ravan kills 1100 times … miracle kills ravana 15 times how is that justified?

  9. So justify this. Did he have to kill ravana in the first place?
    He’s looking for trouble that’s what it is.

  10. Baron King? HEHEHE… LOST a LOE, Fortify ring, PF ring …Blalalala.. Ravana you NOOB. Dont Baron more than u can handle. True Noob Behaviour. CHeers~ Have a nice day yakisoba~

  11. got too many of those ; i can afford to lose them , can u ? 😛

    and what justification is there in killing in the first place lol ( nt to mention in a Player Killing server*ahem)

  12. yup ravana is sux… n yakisoba has gold farm… thats how they get so strong n still can keep thier item in faction to be drop in baron mode

    keep up the good work. live up the name…

    dun mess with miracle..

    FTW farm gold~

  13. And uhh, whats wrong if u farm cash anyways? Not like their selling it. And nothing wrong with pking in a pk server. If you dont intend to pk in the first place why play in it.

  14. wow… yakisoba admit they farm cash see the statment of Delmont
    farm farm farm… farm more cash… be the strongest guild… yeah to miracle n go go go KenB FTW

    let ravana die in hell

  15. i didnt said pk is wrong… btw botting to farm cash… OMG yakisoba causing the whole server lag… n they make the market things so expensive. what a selfish guild… MANY of yakisoba player r BOTTER. DO something.

  16. “So justify this. Did he have to kill ravana in the first place?
    He’s looking for trouble that’s what it is.”

    seriously not even the chaos theory can make 15 turn into 1100. you’re just defending him because it didn’t happen to you. what if everyone started targeting all the low players in yaki then you would hear nonstop bitching. and if everyone that hated yakis did the same yaki would be a faction with level 1 players (but only yakis are going around on a deleveling spree) please control your members tsubaki (condoning this behaviour only fuels more hate)

  17. sorry hehe chaos theory can make 15 turn into 1100,
    (from wiki) chaos theory describes the behavior of certain nonlinear dynamical systems that under specific conditions exhibit dynamics that are sensitive to initial conditions. As a result of this sensitivity, the behavior of chaotic systems appears to be random, because of an *exponential* growth of errors in the initial conditions.

    *NOTE Trust me hype is very dynamic.

    Besides have you watched the movie the “Sum of all Fears”. It only takes one nuclear bomb (ancient old ones) to start a nuclear war.

    Also the server seems to heading towards this very lame lane, peoploe res kill with no reason, high level bot faction res kill and GM haven’t ban them.

    At the end we are heading toward a ” prisoner’s dilmea” situation. I am not blaming all this at hype but blaming at *specific, inital condition*.

  18. @hehe: Eh. I don’t pk. >

  19. o. my post got cut off. =\
    Grr. Lazy to type the whole thing again.

  20. To our detractors,

    Yakisoba do not condone botting or vis selling. I am a strong advocate against the use of bots as well as gold farmers in Granado Esapda, because I truly love this game I feel that such programs destroys the game’s balance. Should I gather enough evidence that member of mine is botting, I will expel and send him or her to our KOS list.

    If you have evidence of a Yakisoba member doing so, kindly do inform me, together with substantial evidence. Better still, get another Yakisoba member to witness it. And you can have my word that I will expel that son of a bitch.

    Regarding the use of secondary accounts to bot and feed our mains, I welcome you to report it to the Game Masters and do a trace of IP. If a member is caught doing so, I will expel him or her as well.

    I hope this clarifies our stance on botting.

    Regarding the PK issue, every person have a different way of responding to threats. And it is unfortunate to say that you have chosen a very wrong person to mess around with.

    “what if everyone started targeting all the low players in yaki then you would hear nonstop bitching”

    Unlike other factions, we don’t complain when we get pk-ed or delvl-ed. We have accepted this as part of the stakes of playing a PK server, and we simply return the favor in many folds. If case you are not aware of this, our members do get delvl-ed from time to time. Just today, a member was delvl-ed 4 times. But have you seen a single whining broad cast or complain? Doubt so. Yakisoba member’s don’t whine, we take action.

    So to the lovely person who delvl-ed SoWhat 4 times, be prepared. I think we’re gonna try breaking a new record.

    Thank you,


  21. Heh, I being delvl-ed ‘4 LEVELS’ but SoWhat being delvl-ed 60% =)
    I’m looking for the one who did this. And I guess I gonna return in Double.

  22. Revange !!!

  23. It’s just a case of bad karma.

    Step on shit, you’ll stink of shit.

    Bugger off Miracle…

  24. double isnt enough ; u have to return the karma 100x

    and what? says who i get to keep my items ; i lost 1x 84 loe , 1x prot field , 1x fort , 1x apocalypse

    its just that i have more kept behind or i could buy them again..

    whats wrong ? lol

  25. not to add fuel to the fire or anything – but WHY PLAY ON A PK SERVER IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH PK-ING?!?!?!?!?!?! and i dont want to hear the “err pk is ok- but they kill me too much what n00bs they are!” that is lame. its a pk server – just like in real life everyone is different and different people take things to different extremes..

    and dont forget there is plenty of room for you in the “carebear” servers if this is too tough for you.

    keep up the good work yaki – everyone is jealous of those at the top.

  26. What respect do you achieve by PK-ing a player 20lvls below you? and whats more? the player was AFK. We should just PK when players are online and in their face. If u want to baron, have the balls to fight him fair. AFK de-lvling is as cheap as botting. What goes around comes around, de-lvl = lost your items.(especially when you’re a noob)

    Yakisoba has made too many enemies too soon, the day when all are lvl100 will come soon. No more lvl advantage damage.

    Baron and De-lvl while you can.

  27. of coz ravana has the Vis n item to do so… he is one of the loyal fan of china farmer n customer of granado mart… buy as much vis as u can ravana… u really have tons of money to spend…

    Ravana is juz faggot… let him do as he want… he will get it back

    zeny congratz 2 u.. loves the fun with yuckysoba

  28. haha too ashame to broad it out ya.. only can whin with in own website n faction
    cry pls

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