Posted by: tsubaki | June 26, 2007

Yakisoba BBQ Confirmation

The location, day and time has been confirmed for our 2nd Yakisoba Gathering.

Please check out this new thread on our forums for the details. Also, please post whether you are coming or not. I am hoping we will have more members coming for this gathering, so please try to make the effort to come!

Please RSVP before the 30th of June so as to give me enough time to prepare other stuff. Thank you very much!

PS: Anyone realized that we’ve got 100k hits on our faction blog? -.-“


  1. i everyday come to see see ma tts why hav 100k hits. =X

  2. I did. Lolz

    Yakisoba Banzai~

  3. no la.
    we got alot of visitors.
    apart from yaki members..
    we have our fan, especially scythe.. though he havent commente since i said “he’s gonna post soon”

  4. yakisoba fc =p =X

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